Catching Fireflies (Southern Cross #5)

Title: Catching Fireflies Catching Fireflies (Southern Cross #5)
Authors: KC Kendricks
Cover Artist: Trace Edward Zaber
Publisher: White Deer Enterprises
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Genre: M/M contemporary
Length: Novella
Rating: 2 stars

A Guest Review by Sammy

Review Summary:  A story of healing and starting over that simply fell short of the mark.

Blurb: Dale Langley longs for some triple R time—rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. He accepts his cousin’s invitation to winter over on Ocracoke Island, far away from the hustle and bustle of life on the mainland. He’s always loved being a rolling stone, traveling for his job without the worry of a place to call home, but it’s time for something different. Now Dale anticipates several blissful months to learn how to be still with no demands on his time while he prepares for the next phase of his life.

Aubrey Zimmerman came to Ocracoke to attend a friend’s commitment ceremony. Never one to settle down, Aubrey’s had enough of involvements that took him from man to man without a place to call home. He needs a break—and a little solitude. Housesitting while his friend is on his honeymoon is the perfect way to clear his head and catch up on his sleep. At least it seemed that way until Dale arrived and Aubrey realized sleep is the last thing he needs.

Fate has changes in store for Dale and Aubrey, the sort neither one knew they wanted. Sometimes the more you wander the closer to home you get.

Southern Cross Series

Review: To admit that this review was a difficult one to write is not even scratching the surface. The reputation of this author, the numerous awards she has received and the very true fact that her writing is solid and erotic made this whole review thing even more difficult. There is a time, dear reader, where despite our best efforts a book fails to “click” for a reviewer. A time where despite the mechanics of the story, a decent plot, believable dialogue and interesting and alluring characters abound, the overall story does not inspire. Catching Fireflies was just such a story for me. It was…okay. Not thrilling, a bit boring at times, but okay. So how does one review and rate such a novella?

I was at at bit of a standstill. Because nothing stood out that I really loved or even liked, I needed to focus on the mechanics of this novella instead. Mechanics are boring. Yes, it was well written. There was enough of a woundedness about both men to make them mildly interesting. I could not force myself to care too much as to whether they would find their happy ever after but I could go along for the ride and finish the book to see how everything turned out.

But could I recommend it? Could I tell you that the love that develops between the two main characters was so very sweet and just made me sigh with satisfaction? Could I tell you that I was worried that the business venture that both entered into as a way to pull themselves out of this melancholic no-man’s land they both found themselves in, would not succeed? Could I tell you that the story was well fleshed out, complete and a delight to read?

No…no I could not. So there I was, with a finished book that was…just so-so and an empty review page staring me in the face. Short stories, novellas, they carry with them a lot of pressure for the author. They require a hand that can draw us into the heart of action, a tale, often, already underway at the beginning of the book and take us through an event at a rapid pace. It must be so complete and compelling–we should reach the end and cry out for more.  This novel failed to do that.  Instead it felt rushed, incomplete and just too easy.  Here were two incredibly wounded men, one of which was adamant about not getting involved, yet they drifted almost immediately into a relationship?  It simply did not compute and it made the story just unbelievable.

Catching Fireflies was a nice story but not one I would recommend to another reader–it simply did not have the needed impact to make me want to read more. However, based on that aforementioned reputation, I think I need to read something else by this author and certainly not rest my opinion of her work on this book alone. I am interested in hearing what you thought of this book if you have read it–or of this author, if you are familiar with her work. I may not recommend this novella to you but I would always advise that you decide, dear reader, and take the chance–this may be a win-win for you in the end.


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  • Sammy

    I have read a number of books by this author and I have always, or almost always found that they held my attention until THE END. I don’t know what happened here as I haven’t read this book but I would say this is not like any of her books that I’ve read so far. I like her characters who are usually vibrant and her prose and dialogue flow effortlessly. However, even good authors lay goose eggs to remind us that they are human and this is probably K.C’s off day.


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