A Simple Romance

SimpleRomance[A]Title: A Simple Romance
Author: J.H. Knight
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Buy link: Amazon.com
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 217 pages
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Andrea

Review Summary: Apparently, the ease of a simple romance isn’t enough to keep my interest.  It’s a good thing the supporting characters made up for that.


Skip thought he had it all: the fabulous husband, the great apartment, and the teaching job he’d always wanted. Even the cat was perfect. When his partner of eight years decides he wants something else—something that doesn’t involve Skip or the apartment or even the cat—Skip decides it’s time to go home to the other side of the country.

However, Skip’s hometown doesn’t just hold a loving meddling mother but also the memories of his awkward crush on a boy he met his senior year in high school. A boy he humiliated himself in front of just when it looked as if his fantasies might become reality. Finding out Paul Miller is now working at the same high school where Skip has just been hired flips his world upside down. After a heated night together, Skip is happy being friends with benefits. Paul will have to convince him love is worth the risk.


Skip had it all.  At least he thought that until the day his husband left him, and the life they built together, without a backward glance. Skip is now questioning where everything went so wrong, as well as why he never saw it coming. He is completely lost and has no idea where to go from there. He does the only thing which feels right. He heads back to his hometown and moves in with his mother. It’s only temporary, and it will give him some time to regroup.

When Skip’s mother sees the wreck he has become, she takes matters into her own hands. She gently guides him into a teaching position at his former high school. She also casually mentions that Paul Miller is back in town and is also teaching at the school. The same Paul Miller whom he had an embarrassing crush on in high school. As Paul and Skip reacquaint with each other, they realize that old attraction hasn’t died.

A simple romance is exactly what you get with this book. Paul understands the fear and pain Skip is working through, and is incredibly patient with the frustratingly slow pace Skip sets for their relationship. It’s a nice, simple, and easy romance. There isn’t any great dilemma or drama to get through, just two men falling in love. This is where my biggest problem with the book comes in. If the plot isn’t going to grab me, then I had better love the main characters. That didn’t happen for me. I liked them well enough, but I wasn’t that into them.

I’m somewhat torn about this book.  I liked it, and I enjoyed reading it, but the couple didn’t do much for me. I actually found the parts with just them to be a little boring.  My favorite parts of the book were when the supporting characters made an appearance. I did love them. Skip’s sister and mother were my favorites, but his best friend, Faith, and her husband, Johnny, were a close second. The conversations they had, and the pranks they pulled were hilarious. They didn’t just save the book for me, they made it.



  • I read this story and enjoyed it, and was glad there was not alot of angst or side issues to interfer with the main characters.
    I do agree that the supporting characters were fun also…
    Just a nice break from some of the heavier books out there.

    • I do like my books with lots of angst and side issues, but even I need a break from that every once in a while. A Simple Romance is perfect for that. 🙂


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