It Takes Practice



Title: It Takes Practice
Authors: Willa Oakti
Cover Artist: Posh Gosh
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Buy Link:  Buy Link It Takes Practice, Total-E-Bound Publishing
Genre: M/M contemporary
Length: Novella
Rating: 3 stars


A Guest Review by Sammy

Review Summary: There is no time limit on love…or forgiveness.

Blurb: Let doubters doubt! Fitz means to convince Nathan seven years isn’t too long to wait for a second chance at the love of a lifetime.

Dr Nathan Rey, general practitioner, has endured a case of broken heart syndrome for a handful of years and counting after his wild, bad-boy lover disappeared just before he received his license. Though it’s got easier—one or two flights of erotic fancy a year instead of every night—Nathan couldn’t say it’s got better. He still can’t forget the charismatic Fitz, and no one he’s met since then could begin to compare. Still, Nathan’s certain he would have someday stopped daydreaming and moved on. He would have found someone else. Filled the empty spots in his life, his heart, and his home. His bed. That is, if his part-time nurse hadn’t eloped overnight. If, unable to find someone local right away, he hadn’t called upon the services of a temp agency. And if the nurse the agency sent to him, certified and licensed, had been anyone but Fitz himself, with far more than work on his mind.

Love isn’t always easy, and it’s very rarely simple. More often than not—it takes practice.

Review: Okey-dokey–remember that blurb love/hate relationship thingy I got going? Yes, well look above, there is the story, in much more detail than I would have given but hey–c’est la vie!

Okay, now that we all get the picture let’s talk turkey about this little novella by Willa Oakti. I am an Oakti virgin. I know, right about now all her fans are gasping and placing a hand on their chest in awe that anyone could have not read an Oakti book! It’s true. Will this be my last? Ah, that is the question of the day. Short answer? No. Long answer? See review below!

I liked this book on many levels. I like forgiveness and there was no doubt that this book was based on the premise that sometimes lovers hurt each other and, if this novella is to be believed it is sometimes because one person in the relationship is actually looking out for the other–wanting the other to succeed, to be happy. I had no problem with this premise–for children it is called “tough love”,for adults it is called “selfless loving”.

However, the way in which the author opted to explain away the crushing blow that Fitz’s disappearance from Nathan’s life caused Nathan, was less than adequate. In fact, it was way too easy, and left, for the most part, the reason for the departure, unanswered. So, in turn, the almost snap decision Nathan makes to take Fitz back into his life after a seven year-long absence seemed, to me, to be driven by his libido (read penis) rather than his mind. Immediately, bells went off–this was just too quick, too easy and, consequently, unbelievable.

So here we have a day in the life of two men, complete with a few tenderly written secondary characters who are patients of Nathan, and some very intense make-up sex. But, where was the story? Why did Fitz really leave? Yes, yes, I got that he was a border-line alcoholic and drug addict. I understood that Nathan, when beginning his career as a Doctor, might not want such a person as this as his boyfriend. But, where was Nathan and what HE wanted in all this? And seven years? It took Fitz seven years to clean up his act and be “worthy” of a guy who had a limited country practice comprised of elderly and the young? This was not some hotshot Doctor to the wealthy who might lose patients over a boyfriend’s indiscretions with the bottle.

I just didn’t get it. This story had immense potential–it was lyrical, sweet and hot in all the right places but the all too rapid ending and acceptance, and, yes, love rekindled, left me confused and unhappy. It Takes Practice missed the mark for me, and even good writing cannot make up for an oversimplified plot. However, dear reader, this one might be just what the doctor ordered for you. (I know, bad pun!) So please let me know what you think about It Takes Practice by Willa Oakti, I am eager to hear! As for me, I will give this author another go and let her work speak to me again.



  • Hey Sammy, I found this really interesting because my next review is also a Willa Okati book and I used to love her stuff, but the one I read left me strangely cold – and for many of the same reasons you list here. Hmmmmmm.

  • Andrea I understand what you’re saying about “where’s the story”? I have read too many books lately that have me scratching my head. I’m a Willa fan even though I run hot and cold because not all of her books resonate, but I’ll probably read this one.

    Thank you for the review.


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