The Poodle Apocalypse

Title: The Poodle Apocalypse
Author: John Inman
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Buy Links:;
Genre: zombie, humor
Length: novella (88 pages)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Larissa

Review Summary: A zombie apocalypse, like you have never seen one before.

Blurb:With the world suddenly teeming with zombies, Charlie and Bobby are fighting to stay alive. Being about as gay as two people can be, they insist on doing it with panache.

Even with the planet throwing up its legs in submission, there is no reason a couple of style-conscious guys can’t look good while saying good-bye to the age of man and ushering in the age of… God knows what. Amoebas, maybe. With their loyal zombie poodle, Mimi, at their side, they bravely face the apocalypse head-on.

Death, destruction, and the undead they can deal with. But without electricity, it’s the depressing lack of blow-dryers and cappuccino machines that really pisses them off—until Bobby goes missing! Suddenly Charlie has more than fluffy hair and a good cup of coffee to worry about….

Review: First off: that cover is made over awesome many times over. Aren’t Paul Richmond’s covers just the best you’ve ever seen?

Second: get ready. This is about a zombie apocalypse like you have never ever seen it before. This is what happens when you put two flaming queens in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. They fight back with style.

One morning, when Charlie and Bobby wake up, they find that world has gone topsy turvy (and then some). Everyone is gone and zombies have taken their places. Not just human zombies, but animal zombies as well. Be assured, you never want to run into zombie crickets!

It’s all very mysterious. The weather has gone crazy. Snow one day, tropical temperatures the next. It’s not at all clear what has happened, but Bobby and Charlie just go with it. Then Mimi the zombie poodle shows up and no, I’m not sharing just how they cure her. Things go even crazier when Bobby disappears. Charlie can handle a zombie apocalypse, but only with Bobby by his side.

This short story will have you just cracking up and snorting at the same time. Warning, don’t read at work or you’ll have to explain why you are laughing so hard.

John Inman has a delightful way of spinning a story and a wicked sense of humor. He creates a story that makes it hard to put the book away until you’ve gotten to end. Then you just blink. Trust me.
It’s not what you are thinking. You’ll never guess! But in a way it fits too.

The Poodle Apocalypse is a wicked fun, humorous and sexy story. What? You didn’t think the guys would let some zombies keep them from having wicked hot man sex? It’s the right story to read when you’re looking for some fun entertainment. When there is a zombie apocalypse, you’ll want Bobby and Charlie on your side.



  • John Inman is a “autobuy” for me, I love all his books and while I’m silently wishing he would write another thriller like “A Hard Winter Rain” again, in the meantime I really enjoy his humorous books. He has a unique style of rambling 😉

    It was fun – I like characters who ramble and talk to me like I’m their best friend. Charlie did this quite fine without getting annoying or over the board.
    It was cute and sexy and ….strange, nothing was like books normaly are, the world itself full of unexplained mysteries.
    It defintely was a funny intermission between the “normal” books.

    I generally do not like books where things happen I can’t explain or don’t get explained – I’m too logical to just accept. The fact that in this story Mr. Inman made me do exactly that is a compliment on his writing skills.

    My only “problem” was the ending. In a story full of unexpected I knew how this would end, it was the only thing obvious to me and despite it is a good end, it was a bit dissapointing to me because it was to be expected.

    But I would rate it 4 stars, too.

    • Thanks Sunne! I have to admit I didn’t read any other books by this author, but they are sure on the list now.
      Hahah yeah the ending. I guess that iritated a few people, but I found that once you get over the initial growling, it does fit the story. I would have liked it less if there suddenly was this great big explanation that covered all!

  • Larissa
    I can’t wait to read this book. I’m loading it on my Kindle right now as I need cheering up this weekend. Thank you so much for this wonderful review which cracked me up. 😯 😮 You’re the best. 😀

  • Yes, sounds like a good story to read in order to take a break from some of the angstier novels… 😀


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