A Call for Guest Reviewers

hear_ye_hear_ye1Hear ye! Hear ye! Calling all gentlepeoples of the M/M reading persuasion! We are looking for a few good me…er, reviewers! 🙂

Aunt Lynn here. As you all know, we are blessed with the incredible bounty that our genre produces, so much so that even if we had one hundred on staff, we would probably still need help keeping up. In the last few months, we have sadly lost several members of our team to varying personal reasons and now that “keeping up” is even more of a challenge. As a result, we are now in the position of needing to look for some talented readers to take the stage as reviewers.

Love to read? Know what you like – and don’t! – and aren’t afraid to put it into words? Can string two sentences together coherently (or even pretty darn goodly)? Able to follow basic instruction and commit to at least one review per week? Have masochistic tendencies and in search of a warm, nurturing, fun and slightly sadistic environment? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then we’re looking for you!

While we prefer some experience writing reviews, we are happy to groom the right person(s), so don’t be shy if you’ve not done this before (we will ask for some writing samples, though).  Please email me at auntlynn [at] gaybook.reviews, copying Wave (mail [at] gaybook.reviews) with the subject heading “Guest Reviewers.”

Thanks y’all!