Beautiful Disasters

Title: Beautiful Disasters (Second Edition)
Author: Willa Oakti
Cover Artist: Crystal Esau
Publisher: Loose Id
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Genre: M/M Romance
Length: Novel
Rating: 5 stars


A Guest Review by Sammy

Review Summary:  Two wounded men meet…one bent on escaping his past, the other bent on embracing his. Only one of them can move forward. Will his strength be enough to carry the other with him?

Blurb: After being betrayed and abused by an ex-lover, Sean trusts no one–but he can’t help wishing he could trust gentle-hearted tattoo artist Riordan. When these two vulnerable men, scarred inside and out, find each other, neither is willing or able to walk away.

Both starved for touch and lonely in his self-imposed exile, Sean can’t help wanting Riordan both body and soul and in his bed, and Riordan is captivated by the sweet nature and the beauty he can still see beneath Sean’s scars. Yet despite his hunger for affection, Sean can’t break free of a cycle of shame and despair, not even as Riordan’s falling in love with his beautiful disaster.

Will Sean be able to break through the barriers he’s built around himself and let Riordan in–and will Riordan find the key to unlock Sean’s frozen heart?

Review: Okay–I swear I wrote my review summary before I saw this blurb. And, as usual, most of what you need to know about the plot is right above–so make sure you read it because I am going to chat about this author Willa Oakti and why she inspires such loyal fans…cause this little novel? Yes–this one got it right–spot on!

“If he could help someone…then maybe he wasn’t as broken as he’d thought.”

Riordan, a victim of a drive by shooting, spends each and every day moving between his nursing job and his co-owned passion, the tattoo parlor. The place where he takes broken bodies and shattered spirits and creates a masterpiece with his ink–not to cover up their scars, no, rather to afford them the beauty of seeing them be a part of something magnificent.

He does not want to “save” others, rather, he wants to show them that there is life and a way of living even after something has been taken from you–something that has come so close to breaking your spirit once and for all. Then he meets Sean…

Sean is not only broken, he is barely clinging to what can hardly be called a life. He sees in Riordan what he desperately hopes is not pity but truly salvation…for he needs saving so very badly.

Now I get it–this novel made me see very clearly what Oakti fans adore this author for and what they flock to read. Characters so broken yet so alive. Passion that slowly burns and builds, much like a normal relationship would. Hope in the midst of great sadness and loss. And a compelling story that swoops in and grabs your heart and refuses to give it back until it has wrung every bit of emotion from you and you sigh in complete satisfaction at the end.

A Beautiful Disaster is not just a novel about second chances or finding that one person who can make you feel complete. It is about how we choose to deal with loss and how we find the well of strength deep within ourselves to push on, pick ourselves up and live another day despite the crushing weight of our sadness.

For such a short novel, A Beautiful Disaster, packs an incredible amount of living into its pages. And for each moment when the author suspends us over the very real idea that these two men may not make it–may not fall in love, may not ever really heal; she gives us an equal amount of time immersed in their passion for each other and their journey to becoming whole. This is the Willa Oakti I have been hearing about from her fans. She is quite the author–and this, dear reader, is quite the story.


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  • Sammy

    Lovely review but this looks like it would be too angsty for me. You know I don’t deal well with angst – so what do you think? Will this book tie my stomach into knots so much so that I won’t be able to enjoy it? I really like Willa’s writing but …….

  • Great review! This sounds like a book I would love. I guess I know what I’ll be reading next. 😀

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