Title: nest
Author: Anyta Sunday
Publisher: Self published.
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: contemporary mm romance
Length: 324
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

A guest review by Sirius.

Summary: Interesting story with a charming narrator and a lot of flashbacks which I enjoyed.


Lenny’s life in the small village of Waldau hasn’t changed in years. While friends grew up and moved on, Lenny and his oma remain in the same place. Now Lenny’s going to make things different: a new life, in a new city, and a chance to forget his cousin Julien–the boy he loved, and who left him behind. But just as Lenny’s future looks like it’s becoming reality, Julien returns, bringing with him all the sweet, wonderful, and painful memories of their past.

What does his cousin want? And is it something Lenny can give him?


As you can see from the blurb the story takes place in Germany. I was happy that the author did not  incorporate a lot of German words in her story, but there are some in the chapter titles and very few that the characters do say. I have no idea whether those words were correct or not, I guess if it was not correct, the German speaker would see it right away. I did not think that the setting was portrayed with a lot of detail in it, but I did like it.

Overall I liked this book quite a lot, but beware that if you do not like a lot of the flashbacks in your stories, this one is definitely not for you. The book starts in 2013, but then it starts going back to the time Lenny and Julien were children and then chapters go like this for the whole book – one chapter from the past, one chapter from the present time, past, present, past, present and it goes in this order till the very end of the book. Flashbacks can easily pull me out of the story, but in this one it worked very well, maybe because the flashbacks were linear – it goes pretty much chronologically from the time they were kids till the year 2013.

I also thought that flashbacks provided a lovely tension in the book. I wanted to know why Julien and Lenny broke up and was reading impatiently trying to get to the point in the book when it happened. I was not annoyed that the story went back and did not give me the answers I wanted right away, instead I was intrigued. While we learned that several pretty mundane reasons contributed to their break up and nothing extraordinary and over the top happened, I still felt that the book built up very nicely to the explanations. I actually want to argue that this book is a great example of how tension/conflict does not have to equal over the top angst at all. You just have to feel the tension between the main characters in my opinion and that to me is one of the signs of the good romance.

There is some angst in this book, after all these boys were in love since they were young teens and friends even earlier, however for this writer I expected much angstier book and was pleasantly surprised. I guess you should also consider whether you are okay with the “childhood love is forever” trope in this romance. I am not always okay with it, but again, in this one it worked for me. I think it is because I found Lenny so very charming. I really liked being in his head and thought that some of the things, some metaphors he came up with were quirky and adorable. Julien for me was likeable enough too. I definitely wanted to smack Julien several times during the course of the story, but for me his flaws worked within the story and I often like flawed character. I think it is easy not to like Julien, but I understood his behavior and just wanted for him to finally figure out what he wanted.

I really liked how much Lenny cared about his grandmother and I thought what he wanted to do for her was just so incredibly sweet. I thought this story had several likeable and interesting secondary characters and I thought their presence made the story richer. I really appreciated Lenny’s best friend Ben and his sister Carolyne, I thought their presence made the story of these four kids growing up more interesting than if they were not in the story.





  • I sure hope it’s not tacky to reply to a review of my own book, but . . . other than appreciating the time you’ve put into reading and writing this Sirius, I wanted to reply to Gaycrow: At this time Lenny is only available on Amazon. I’m looking into other places to publish, but I have to make sure I’m not violating the contract that I have with Amazon to do so. 🙂 There is a print version of the book that is available over Createspace, but that’s not the cheapest way to get the book.
    I hope it’ll be up on Smashwords and ARe in a couple of months.

    🙂 Cheers,

      • Thanks Anyta and Gay, I am always glad that you remind us that not everybody likes Kindle and Amazon (I do, but I need to be reminded too).

  • I really loved the book – and as a German speaker I can assure you that the German words are used correctly 😉

    It’s really well done and I like the way little moments were shown to have big impact.

    Anyta Sunday works in this book with a very cute metaphor. As a boy Lenny heard about the “sole” going to heaven and from that on the soul will be described as a sole through the book. I liked that, more than once I imagined a fish helplessly flapping in front of him, no longer his own. I don’t know if it was intended but a fish was the symbol/carrier for the soul in ancient Egypt.

    The book has a very slow but captivating built up. I was so fascinated by Lenny’s whole emotional mess, his struggle to cope and not get hurt again – I couldn’t put it down, too. I wanted to grab Julien and yell at him to make up his mind and finally spill all his hidden emotions and feelings. I wanted them to find their way together. When they finally did – it was so good. There was this expressive familiarity that made everything just a bit sweeter and more solid. As a reader you understand “this is it” because they know it.
    And I loved the side characters very much. They were more than that; they all were important, even Herr Koch. In the end I was so very lost …..I wanted the book to continue, I wanted to see them start their new life together just a bit more. God, I loved the tender emotional moments they had.

  • Sounds good, but only available from Amazon? LOL I must be the only person to not want to buy from them.

    • I am so sorry Gay, check Smashwords just in case? But if it is not there, it is a self published title and I am guessing is available only on Amazon. If I am wrong, maybe the author would let us know?

      • I checked Smashwords, but it’s not there. I should just keep quiet from now on, my whining’s getting boring. 😆

  • Hi Sirius, I liked this one a lot, too. I also quite enjoyed the grandmother’s character in the book and the landlord’s (and Lenny’s reaction to him, which I felt was realistic and well done). One of the subplots involving Ben (trying not to spoil here) seemed pretty obvious from the get go, but it didn’t really bother me. I have read most of this author’s currently available work, and I have to say I think this one is my favorites. Thanks for the review!

    • Hi Pea, I enjoyed grandmother’s character too and do agree that this book is my favorite of hers so far. Thanks for commenting.


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