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4.1.1Good morning everyone. Aunt Lynn here with some great news!

As you know, there are so many stories released weekly in this little, ol’ genre of ours, so many so that it seems we’ll never be able to keep up.  Never to back away from a challenge, we’re gonna try, but to do so, we need to add to our already fabulous, talented team.

Recently I put out a general call asking if anyone was interested in critiquing for us. We are happy to say that we had several takers! Please meet and help me welcome Zen, Zac, Orion and K.C. to our insane asyl…er, loving family.  Look for reviews soon from these newbies. Here is what they have to say about themselves:


I blame it on Patricia Nell Warren and a lop-eared rabbit named Herbert. One summer afternoon, many years ago, I was attempting to lure Herbert out from his hiding place behind the old bookcase in my attic bedroom. Reaching in, I discovered a paperback jammed in behind the other books. Being the third kid to use the attic bedroom meant the occasional lucky find from previous residents, so the book was quickly retrieved, and I found myself in possession of “The Front Runner.” The rest of the day was spent wide-eyed, following the groundbreaking story of love, loss, and pride in 1970’s gay America.

Then followed 40-odd years of science fiction and doorstopper fantasy, until the unexpected gift of a copy of “Caught Running.” It was like finding a long-lost friend, only now there were lots of other friends out there too. Add a Kindle, and it’s been a happy journey ever since.

I like most flavors of m/m: contemporary, historical, BDSM (light and otherwise), and science fiction. As far as paranormal goes, I think there’s still some tread left on the weres and shifters and the vamps — but I’m definitely more drawn to the offbeat, the different take, the unexpected.

Most of all, however, I’m lured in by good writing. A top-notch writer can take even the goofiest story setup and produce an absolute gem. But as we all know, an unskilled (or inexperienced) writer can take the best idea in the world and reduce it to fish-wrap within the first few pages.

So here’s hoping for more gems, less fish-wrap, and many happy discoveries to share with the lovers of m/m romance. (Oh, and thanks, Herbert!)

— Zen


Orion reads too much and sleeps too little. Most days you’ll see him with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. He likes all genres of fiction except historical, and is especially fond of scifi, contemporary fiction, young adult, and fantasy. He is also fond of the people and pets in his life.


zacZac D

Hello there, I’m Zac, an aging old dude in denial. I love the written word, be it printed and smelling deliciously of old musty paper, or those new fandangled things, ebooks. In fact, Mr. Zac informed me just this morning that the keyboard of my Kindle is almost permanently imprinted on my face.




I’ve been a reader since I was four, a writer since I was eight, and a published author since I was… well, that happened in 2010. I’ve since branched out into reviewing, proofreading, and editing, so when I say I’m addicted to books, I think I have all the bases covered. Fan fiction opened a whole new world of non-heteronormative stories that I had no idea even existed (and this sheltered, non-heteronormative person was positively THRILLED with this discovery). I love M/M romance, and not just because it’s the most prominent genre in the rainbow. I’m not exactly a girly-girl, so more often than not, I enjoy a good book where girly-girls are nowhere to be found. I love contemporaries, urban fantasy, YA, crime/mysteries, and horror (I’m absolutely on the zombie bandwagon… GIMME!), and I love to gush, rant, rave, and squee about the books I read. I look forward to spilling my guts for fellow readers and will happily do so until either the books run out, or Wave duct tapes my mouth shut.


  • Oops, sorry I missed this. Welcome to the new reviewers; I’m very much looking forward to reading your reviews.

  • Hey, guys,

    welcome aboard! Don’t mind the grills in front of the windows, Wave will let you out to play…. once in a while…. 😉 :crouch:

  • Cool – looking forward to the addition of more new voices and reviews. And congrats on the success and demand for the site. Welcome Zen, Orion, Zac and K.C. 🙂


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