Matching Vectors

MatchingVectorsTitle: Matching Vectors
Author: Lee Comyn
Cover Artist: Catt Ford
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Amazon: Buy Link Matching Vectors
Genre: Science fiction
Length: 52 pages
Rating: 3.75 out of five stars

A guest review by Orion.

Review summary: A quick, exciting sci-fi tale.

Blurb: Fin and his racing team came to the asteroid belt to maintain their reputation as the best of the best. Fin’s race starts out easy: his biggest rival is flying like an idiot, and Fin is confidently moving toward the win. The only interesting bit is a newbie named Sean who plays with his life by cutting too close to every asteroid—and against all logic, he’s pulling it off. Then Fin takes a chance, making a decision that will change his racing and flirting forever. Can Fin come to terms with his choice and match his vector to Sean’s, or will pride rule out racing toward a future together?


Lee Comyn’s “Matching Vectors” is one of the short stories in Dreamspinner Press’s new sports-themed Daily Dose, Make a Play. Ms. Comyn puts a welcome spin on that theme with a race through an asteroid field. The main character, Fin, is a skilled racer with a healthy ego. He has been brooding a lot since breaking up with his girlfriend. He gets just the pick-me-up he needs when an attactive guy with sun-bleached hair walks into the bar where he is celebrating his sister’s recent victory at the races. The new guy turns heads, including Fin’s. He immediately begins to flirt with Fin. They wind up in the blond guy’s room, going at it hot and heavy without even exchanging names. Fin stops the fun before the sex becomes fully involved, fearing that it will interfere with his ability to race the next day. The blond stranger happily takes a rain check.

Once Fin and his team man their ship for the race, the story literally takes off. For me, a sci-fi tale must ground itself with enough science to at least make things plausible. The science in this story is handled just right, giving enough detail to make the action believable without sounding like a physics textbook. Fin’s race takes up the bulk of the story, and it has plenty of action and suspense. The “newbie” who gives Fin the run of his life in this race creates a lot of excitement with his dangerous tactics. Despite the sexy action at the beginning, there isn’t much actual romance in the story, but it does end with the promise of interesting things developing in Fin’s love-life.  I think the main characters could have been fleshed out a bit more. For some reason, I just didn’t feel as if I got to know them as well as I wanted. However, overall, this is an enjoyable and recommended read.