Cambion 4 : Put the Gun Down

cambion4Title: Cambion, part 4
Author: Cari Z
Cover artist: Nathie
Publisher: Storm Moon Press
Amazon: N/A
Genre: fantasy/romance/action/adventure
Length: short
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

A guest review by Sirius

Summary: Bad things happen to good people in this episode.


Episode 4: Put the Gun Down

Devon and Rio reunite with Lynlis Syfer’s bodyguard, Steven, who has located Porter Grey. The trio move in for the final confrontation with the summoner, but another player enters the field, and they have other plans for the endgame.


We reconnect with Devon and Rio when they are closing in on Potter Grey and trying to finally catch him. Of course we all know what often happens to the best laid plans, right. Despite a lot of VERY detailed preparation something goes horribly wrong in this episode – I mean, the relaxed (mostly) calm of the previous episode clearly meant that something bad is coming soon. And it did come.

You can see that I graded this episode lower than other parts and I freely admit that part of it is my increasing frustration with reading bits and pieces of the story. For example, if I was reading the whole story, what happened in this part would have been a crescendo which other parts built up to (unless something even more significant will happen in the next episodes – I have no way of knowing). But because there is a wait between the episodes I am sure that at least some of the emotional intensity was lost on me.  I guess I tried and have to admit to myself – I am definitely not a reader of serial fiction until such fiction is completed. It also took me a minute or two to remember who Steven was and why was he there with Rio and Devon – I have not reread other episodes before starting this one and I deliberately have not read the blurb either.

But there was another reason why I am rating this episode a little lower than usual. When bad and unexpected thing happens, I had to reread it twice.  After reread I am still left with the impression that a character acted or I guess I should say “not acted” the certain way, because the certain plot point needed to happen in order to move the plot forward, rather than because it would make sense for the character not to act in light of how he behaved previously in the dangerous situations. It is very hard to explain without revealing spoilers, but it is not his reluctance to sacrifice the guy annoyed me, no that made sense, it is after all as much an action/adventure as a romance (or at least I hope so). No, it is his taking what bad guy said “on faith”. I mean, really, demons are always telling the truth, right?. Anyway, if later episodes will show that his inaction was warranted, fine. But right now it does not look that way to me.

I am also not seeing much of the character development – I get that it is hard to balance with action, but it is an episode four out of six episode season and I guess I am starting to feel disappointed, because by now I want to know the guys more than I feel  I do.

Stay tuned for next episode.