The Survivors

eads-the-survivors_200x300Title: The Survivors
Author: Sean Eads
Cover Artist: Niki Smith
Publisher: Lethe Press
Amazon: Buy Link The Survivors
Genre: Science Fiction
Length: 75,000 words
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


A Guest Review by K.C. Beaumont

Review Summary: A story about an alien invasion that starts out comical, but grows into a terrfiying tale, playing on many of our worst fears.


The aliens have landed, and this time they’re not hostile. They’re just rude. Coming in
waves of rocket ships, the aliens not only refuse to acknowledge the existence of Earth’s
cultures—they refuse to acknowledge the existence of humanity itself. The aliens by means of
their bulk block entry into cars, grocery stores, even elevators…without malice or even

No one knows what it’s like to be ignored by the aliens more than Craig Mencken, an amateur
journalist who writes inane copy for a magazine tycoon. A pair of aliens have invaded his
home, abused his furniture, and disrupted his life. Who thought first contact could be such
a nuisance? But when Mencken’s employer demands the story of the century, a fictional
interview with an alien, the sinister truth about the invasion is accidentally revealed.
Soon Mencken’s ex-boyfriend is dropping hints about a mysterious cabal that promises to rid
the aliens from neighborhoods as exterminators do with vermin. Then a narcissistic federal
agent wants Mencken to spy on the cabal for the sake of his country. As if life weren’t
already hard enough, the dozers—cubic machines capable of demolishing skyscrapers in
minutes—start landing across the globe, and it does not seem likely the aliens will ignore
mankind for much longer.


Ho-ly sh… Okay. Wow. I need to first say that The Survivors is absolutely not for the faint
of heart. This is primarily a science-fiction book, but can easily fit right in with horror.
Mr. Eads has a distinctly vivid way with words and pulls zero punches, whether he’s laying
out his characters in all their flawed glory, or describing the way they handle the ultimate
us-versus-them scenario. There is violence, there is gore, there is the darkness brought to
light by the fear of a desperate race, and there is absolutely zero fluff.

The storylines for such films as War of the Worlds, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and
Cloverfield might come across as cheesy to some. I, however, find them ridiculously
intriguing because I automatically put myself in the character’s place, wondering how I
would behave in such a situation. How would I handle the enemy? How would I protect my
family? How would I survive? I’m not entirely sure I would have done things differently than
the way Craig Mencken did.

This isn’t your typical alien invasion. The aliens don’t wish to make contact with humans,
they don’t come out of their ships with guns blazing, and they don’t appear hostile at all. They
ignore the human race on a grand scale—they don’t seem to even know humans exist even when direct, physical contact is made. Having no apparent sense of propriety, they move right into people’s homes, eat their food, and occupy any space where they can fit—they’re basically a bunch of huge, ugly cats that refuse to use a litter box. The aliens cannot be controlled or forced to move or leave, and many American citizens don’t appreciate the seemingly lax approach the government has taken with its new citizens, which is to live and let live, and good luck getting them to stop making a God-awful coital mess in your bedroom… that means exactly what you think it means.

The planet’s visitors have been coming to Earth in waves with ships landing in random
places. It’s so commonplace that new arrivals don’t make the news anymore. They’re just
relegated to a news ticker at the bottom of the television screen. Everything changes when
bigger ships start to arrive with dozers and wrecking balls. That’s when people start to
truly panic, and that’s where this story takes a turn from awkwardly humorous to downright
scary. When militia groups start forming, Craig finds himself torn between an allegiance to
the man he loves, an allegiance to his country, and an allegiance to himself, and he’s sickened
and terrified of what he’s become. In a situation that is anything but black and white, when
one has to choose between morality and mortality, it doesn’t really seem like much of a

If you’re looking for Mac and Me meets M/M romance, you won’t find that here. If you want a
realistic portrayal of a regular guy trying to survive frightening circumstances where all
hope appears completely lost, I absolutely recommend The Survivors to you. It is an
engaging, disturbing, five-star read.



  • This was one of my favorite books we published last year. So I am thrilled to read this review. Very insightful. Sean pitched me new books this weekend. So he will be hard at work with more great stories.

  • WOW K.C. This sounds like something I should read in bright daylight. I love books like this but scare easily. I grew up on science fiction and horror and I still adore being scared. Maybe I should wait until I go away on vacation for this one. No wonder you were so damn scared.

    Thanks for a great review.

    • Definitely read this during the day! 😮 I read part of this before bed one evening and my husband had to ask me about the horrified expression on my face. I kept muttering, “No, no, no… don’t do it! Oh my God WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Hubby, of course, had to ask what I was going on about and I just answered him with, “You really don’t want to know.”

      This was so well written and engrossing and a total mindfu… :censorship: er… it messed with my head a little.

    • Thanks!

      I wasn’t initially sold on the cover, but it actually fits the story pretty well, with characters losing themselves in the quest to survive (the blank face on the spiked-baseball-bat wielder giving an air of anonymity). The retro rocket amidst the city scape looks comical, but the ships are described that way in the book.

      If you’re into sci-fi/horror/survival stories at all, I definitely recommend his one!


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