Freeing Demitri’s Wolf

3967FreeingDemitrisWolf510w-430x645Title: Freeing Demitri’s Wolf (Wolves of Stone Ridge, Book #17)
Author: Charlie Richards
Cover Artist: Angela Waters
Publisher: eXtasybooks
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Genre: Contemporary M/M, Paranormal
Length: 112 pages
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lasha

Summary Review: I loved this May-December shifter book which hit all my hurt-comfort needs.


Demitri Vinetti knows his parents believe his claim that he’s gay is an act of rebellion. But when Demitri scent Kiernan Wabinaw at the diner where he works, and the human keeping coming back again and again, he’s certain he’s found his mate, a male mate, proving Fate’s on his side. Getting advice from friends, Demitri digs deep for courage and asks Kiernan on a date.

Kiernan is shocked and flattered that such a handsome young man would take an interest in him, especially since his forty-fifth birthday is just around the corner. He’s been fantasizing about Demitri since first spotting him at the diner a couple of weeks ago, and he’s happy to take him up on his offer.

When Kiernan learns that Demitri’s parents beat him for going on a date with him, he discovers protective instincts he’s never known before. But the fact that Demitri’s less than half his age and his parents are abusive is only the first of many shockers. Will Kiernan be able to accept that shifters exist? Or will Kiernan chalk Demitri up as too much trouble and run the other way?


Freeing Demitri’s Wolf is book seventeen in the Wolves of Stone Ridge series by Charlie Richards. As with any long series, sometimes the plots and characters can get stale, but in this installment I found the pace picking back up and the series back on track.

With two of my all time favorite tropes in this novel, May-December romance and hurt-comfort, this book packs a little punch. Demitri is the May part of the equation, while Kiernan is the older man. If this wasn’t a paranormal book, I might have a problem believing that a nineteen year old and a man in his mid-forties could last long-term as a couple, but because Demitri is a shifter I went with it. I also loved the fact it was Demitri who initially pursued Kiernan, his human mate. The romance between the two main characters was one of the best things about the book. I was rooting for Demitri and Kiernan to get the HEA by the end of the book.

The best part? No Insta-Love, just a nice slow build between the two main characters that made sense considering the abusive way Demitri’s parents reacted to the news he was going to date a man. In my opinion, this series just gets better and better with each installment and this one seemed to have more of a plot to it than just shifters falling in love.

So, if you like a dash of May-December spice added to your shifter books, served up with a huge slice of hurt-comfort, then Freeing Demitri’s Wolf would be for you.



  • Lasha

    I’ve read a couple books in this universe and so far, liked them. However, I don’t know that I can believe in a romance between a 45 YO human and a 19 YO shifter. If it was reversed I would probably have no difficulty believing in them because I’m so accustomed to 1000 YO vampires with very young human mates that they turn and so they age together. In this case the shifter would age a lot slower than his human mate which begs the question, what happens 20 years down the road when Demitri is 39, in the prime of his life while Kiernan is a senior citizen? I guess I’m too logical to be a true romance reader. 😆

  • Sounds very interesting but, can these books be read as a standalone or do they have to be read in order?

    • Most of them can be read as standalones, but you might have to read book one just to get an understanding of the world building in this universe.


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