Hard D

HardDTitle: Hard D
Author: Elinor Gray
Cover artist: Catt Ford
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
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Genre: Contemporary romance
Length: 30 pages
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Guest review by Orion
Review summary: A quick but very tantalizing tale.

Blurb: Ben Meyers has played Ultimate Frisbee since his first week at college, and at every tournament he comes face to face with Darius O’Neill, his favorite rival. This time, though, their good-natured competition goes off the field to the after-party and beyond, when three years of tension finally breaks open on the sheets of Darius’s dorm-issue twin bed.

Ah, Ms. Elinor Gray, you naughty little author you. What erotic miracles you work with so few pages, leaving this reader hungry for more. You tease so maddeningly with Ben and Darius, introducing them to us in an exciting Ultimate Frisbee matchup. I could practically hear the sounds of the game, the shouts, the grunts,the laughter of the two teams. I could all but see the lean, powerful bodies of these two protagonists as they leapt and spun over the field, flirting with each other all the while.

And then you take us to the party shared by the two teams, and you tease even more as the players clown around with each other. But Ben and Darius have been attracted to each other for some time, and they finally get around to acting on it. And oh, the kisses they share. The passion that flows between them practically steamed up my little office, and this is before they even make it to bed.

If it isn’t clear by now, I enjoyed this little story very much. It is the hottest of the stories I’ve read so far in Dreamspinner’s Make a Play Daily Dose. I was lost in the beginning, completely unfamiliar with the terminology of Ultimate Frisbee, which the players use liberally during the game. But that gives an authentic feel to the proceedings, and you score points, Ms. Gray, for building your story around a rather obscure sport, which is a refreshing change. Your story comes to a sweet, happy ending. But you really must stop with the teasing and go ahead with a nice, long tale about Ben and Darius. Because I like these guys, and I want to know what happens next with them.

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