Buried Bones (Bones #2)

imageTitle: Buried Bones ( Bones #2 )
Author: Kim Fielding
Cover Artist: Christine Griffin
Publisher & Buy Link: Dreamspinner Press
Buy Link: Amazon Genre: M/M paranormal romance / werewolves / mystery
Length: 250 pages
Rating: 4.25 out of 5 rating stars

A guest review by Raine

Summary Review: Cosy and comfortably enjoyable follow up to the first book.

Blurb: Sequel to Good Bones
Bones: Book Two

Werewolves don’t have a how-to manual—nor do men embarking on a new life together.

It’s been a few weeks since Dylan Warner wolfed out and killed Andy, the crazed werewolf who originally turned him and later tried to murder Chris Nock. Architect Dylan and handyman Chris are still refurbishing Dylan’s old house as they work out the structure of their relationship. They come from very different backgrounds, and neither has had a long-term lover before, so negotiating their connections would be challenge enough even if Dylan didn’t turn into a beast once a month.

To make matters worse, Dylan’s house is haunted, and events from both men’s pasts are catching up with them. Dylan has to cope with the aftermath of killing Andy, and Chris continues to suffer the effects of a difficult childhood.

In his quest to get rid of the ghost, Dylan rekindles old friendships and faces new dangers. At the same time, Chris’s father makes a sudden reappearance, stirring up old emotions. If Dylan and Chris want to build a lasting relationship, they’ll have to meet these challenges head-on.


This is a very pleasant continuation of Dylan and Chris’ relationship which started in the excellent ‘ Good Bones ‘. Intertwined with the consolidation of their love affair is a not terribly mysterious mystery, some exciting werewolf bits and also the enjoyable friend and family socialisations which help keep the book grounded in reality.

Dylan and Chris work very well as a couple gradually finding out more about each other and learning the next stage of their love. The underlying home/ house based metaphor that describes their relationship with it’s strong foundations designed by architect Dylan and built by skilful Chris is developed through the unusual trials that appear in this book.

That said, the main mystery was easy peasy enough that Scooby dog could have guessed the identity of the ghost. It nevertheless provided a hook to hang the action on and also the thoughts about pack or family that are included here. I liked the development of Chris’ story this time round as understandably werewolf Dylan carried most of the first book. Though I found the werewolf sections of the book worked really well and had a touch of menace that the cosy nesting atmosphere of the rest of the book needed.

I love these guys together; gorgeous Chris’ insecurities and Dylan’s casual unawareness of his born again hotness make them very individual people who complement each other. The everyday tangles of domesticity plus the paranormal upsets combined to showcase what a fine and fun couple they are.

This was an enjoyable comfortable read that while it did not have the vitality of the first ‘guys getting together’ book did a good job showing the next ‘building’ stage.

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