Happy Canada Day

3500 Canadians don red and white t-shirts and create a living flag outside the Winnipeg Legislature

3500 Canadians don red and white t-shirts and create a living flag outside the Winnipeg Legislature

Let’s raise the flag to celebrate Canada’s birthday and have a gay old time this year in honour of how far our country has come in terms of diversity.

Usually in this post I talk about how old Canada is and how our soldiers are serving Queen and country with honour (yes we do have a different kind of queen as the head of state, not like the queens I saw yesterday.) 🙂 It’s the patriotic thing to do. However yesterday as I watched the Pride parade which is in its 33rd year in Toronto, I realized how lucky we are to live in this country.

Canada_flag_halifax_9_-04The Pride parade was a slice of our lives because every race, religious and non-religious group, and every colour of the rainbow was represented in the parade. 1st Nations Canadians were out waving the rainbow flag as well as gay members of the Catholic (I hope the Pope doesn’t excommunicate them) :), Anglican, Jewish and every other religion and those with no religious affiliation. PFLAG, school boards and groups across the entire social and political spectrum marched side by side. People from countries as far away as Africa were marching next to local policemen who were holding hands with their same sex partners, as well as our Premier who was marching proudly as the only openly gay Premier in this country

The Province of Ontario where I live has a long and proud history on gay rights. We were first in Canada, even before our Federal government, to approve same sex marriage in 2003. It took the feds two more years before they approved that gays had the same right as straights to marry the person they loved. Our neighbours to the south are just getting started, with a number of states recognizing marriage equality, and DOMA and Prop 8 biting the dust last week when the US Supreme Court struck down both. I hope that in the next decade the US will follow Canada’s example and that of many other countries, and that all states will give their GBLTQ citizens the right to marry their same sex partners.

Canada is a wonderful diverse country and I couldn’t be prouder to be Canadian than when I watched the Pride parade yesterday and saw every segment of the country represented on the streets of Toronto. My city is not a utopia – it has its share of hate crimes – but it is the most multicultural city in the world and it’s way better than many other cities of its size and complexity, every day it’s getting better under the rainbow.

People from all over the world helped us celebrate yesterday in one of the largest Pride parades in North bdayHunkOnCakeSilverAmerica – at last count it was over 1 million strong, and in 2014 Toronto will host World Pride.

Happy birthday Canada. We’re known for being understated but today let’s show our pride in being Canadian. The Friday Guys and I salute you Canada.

Now lets rock those BBQs today and set this country ablaze with fireworks tonight.

What are you going to do today Canada?


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  • Happy Canada Day to Wave and all of the other Canadians here (and wish-we-were Canadians like Fred and I).

    Wave the Pride Parade in Toronto was great. It’s been a few years since we got up to Pride, so we were amazed at how well they kept the Parade moving. It looked like it was a good trial run for World Pride next year.

    We’re not morning people and so we missed a little of the beginning of the Parade. We also only made it up to Dundas and Yonge, which was packed. Also, we only got a quick glimpse of the floats as the organizers got them to quickly turn the corner there. It was a great weekend.

    • Hi Jeffrey

      I miss you on the site. 🙁 I’m so happy you at least saw a part of the parade, but what do you mean you’re not morning people? The parade started at 2.00 P.M and Toronto is only an hour and a half tops (maybe a lot less if you put the pedal to the gas) 🙂 so you could have made it on time. The parade was really something and I believe there were GBLTQ groups from the US as well as from other countries. Next year for World Pride you should stay for the weekend but you have to book early. 🙂

      • Wave, I’m still stopping by daily I just don’t comment much. I love the reviews but typically by the time I’ve actually read the books that sound good to me, months have past.

        Toronto is about 2 hours minimum. On our way home last night, there was no traffic and I was doing about 130 km/hour and that’s about what it took. During the day, a good trip is about 2.5-3 hours due to traffic. Toronto has become huge lately. 😯

        When I say we’re not morning people, I mean the only morning we see is typically 2am. We actually did spend the weekend in Toronto :hurrah: . A couple of problems at the hotel delayed us about a half hour and we didn’t get to the Parade until about 3pm. We didn’t think it would be a problem because the last time we were up, the parade moved so slow that it still wasn’t down to College/Carleton that late. We were shocked at how quickly the parade was zipping by this year. :escape:

        • Hey Jeffrey

          Whether or not you comment I still miss seeing you on the site. 🙂

          I thought you lived closer to Buffalo when I estimated the time it would take you to drive from your home to Toronto. However I’m so happy that you spent the weekend here and took in a few of the sights. A lot of Americans stayed over and I’m glad that the weather behaved, for the most part. I hope you’ll return next year for World Pride although I can’t see how that would be much different, with the number of floats that were here from around the world. Yes the organizers were more efficient this year but even then it took 3 hours. For me the most amusing float was the one about foreskins with a bunch of nekkid men showing theirs. 😆 I even took a few pictures. 😮

  • We were just talking about that. We remember going to see the Fireworks competitions at Ontario Place, I think called Symphony of Fire? Big part of our lives here. And yes, hubby has the ribs on the BBQ already to slow smoke them all day! Enjoy your BBQ!

  • I’m a proud Torontonian but your awesome essay cranked it up a notch. Happy Canada Day and thanks for the wonderful post Wave.

    • Hi Mary
      Thanks for dropping by. I’m happy you enjoyed the post and I hope you will be rocking the barbecue today. 🙂 I miss Ontario Place most of all today because I used to go there for the fireworks every Canada Day.

      Happy Canada Day!!

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