Happy Fourth of July!

imagesYeah, yeah, happy fourth—wave your sparklers—whee!!     NOT!

Forgive me if I seem less than patriotic! Sorry—I’m in a bit of a grumpy mood. You see, I was supposed to be spending the Fourth of July in Pittsburgh. I was supposed to be visiting my dear friends, Rick and Freddie and watching remarkably fit gay men in Speedos lounging around the pool. By this time, I most assuredly would have had some type of refreshment in one hand and a camera in the other. (uhm…gay men…Speedos…camera…please, need I say more?)

That’s right, supposed too…instead I am on my sofa with my foot in a gigantor cast, streaming porn…er…pay per view. So, I know you’re all wondering what reaction Rick and Freddie had when I told them I would be missing our annual get together. Well, as usual, it was warm and loving.

Me: Hi sweetie. Listen I know you’re going to be devastated but I had foot surgery and I’m not going to be able to travel to your place for the Fourth this year. I know you’re just heartbrok…

Rick: Oh thank god!! Freddie, “Handsy McGee” isn’t coming this year—you can tell the guys it’s safe to wear their Speedos again!

Freddie: Sammy’s not coming?

Me: Hello Freddie dear, I know you’re disappointed that I…

Freddie: Right, have to go—you take care now.

Me: But you’ll still take pictures for me won’t…

Rick: Dear Lord, this is the best news since the repeal of DOMA! Ok, its safe to invite everybody now—let’s get on the phone and get this party started!

I could hear the sadness and concern for my well being oozing through the phone line as my bestie and his partner high-fived and giggled their goodbyes.

So, since I am laid up this Fourth, I need to hear lots and lots of stories about what you’re going to be doing this holiday. I fully intend to live vicariously through your picnics, fireworks, chowing down on carcinogenic meat products—the works!!

So spill it folks—I’m waiting with bated breath! Uhm…also, if you happen to be wearing a Speedo, pictures are welcome and encouraged.


A mature woman, gracefully growing older, who lives with 12 cats and talks to imaginary people–had ya going there for a minute didn’t I? I am an avid lover of all things m/m who delights in occasionally teasing Wave!


  • Sammy, I’m sorry to hear that, I hope you recover soon. I’m sure Rick and Freddie are missing you.
    I’m spending the weekend on Atlantic City, no gambling because I’m with my child, but the beach is great and the fireworks planned for tonight will be displayed at four separate locations.
    If I see any hot guy in a Speedo I’ll ask for a picture.
    Take care and get better soon.

    • awww Thank you so much for your well wishes Naaju–I hope you had a wonderful time! :hug:

  • Aloha from Princeville! If the weather holds up, we’re heading off to a new (to us) beach with some boogie boards and snorkeling equipment for the day, then hope some places are open for us to have some supper. We haven’t yet been able to find anyone doing fireworks on Kauai (at least on this end of the island), so it may be a quiet night for us at our temporary home.

    Hang in, Sammy!

    • Oh sure, Lynn–taunt me with island fun!! Uhm…might there be scantily clad cabana boys anywhere about? 😉

      Enjoy your vacation!!!

      • Lots of scantily-clad boys of all kinds, though long board shorts are the norm here (except for that creepy, hairy old guy wearing the Speedo who should have /definitely/ reconsidered!).

        • *Shudders* Stick to the boys please!!! And pictures Aunt Lynn–do not be greedy with the pictures!! :pant:

  • I’m patching the driveway and reviewing legal doccuments – I’ll trade you for that porn (no mealy-mouthed words here.) Seriously, I hope you feel better soon. I’m sure once Rick and Freddie are done with the games and conversations and the pool boys and the food and the sparklers they’ll look around and say, “You know what that party really needed to feel complete?” Yeah, you know their answer too.

    More pool boys, right?

    ((hugs)) Happy 4th

    • Oh Kaje—these boys have WAY more than their fair share of pool boys–I say you and I need to go on a field trip and help them out a bit!!! Ugh–legal documents—more porn is needed stat! Happy Fourth, my friend!! :love2:

      • Road trip. Get your damned foot and all family members healthy, and we’re going to do it 🙂

  • Happy Fourth Sammy and thanks for doing this at such short notice.

    Poor Freddie and Rick. I don’t care what you say, 😮 I’m sure they miss you.

    • Oh Wave–truth be told–they only love me for my kick ass potato salad–ahahahaha!!

      Wave….you have a lovely Sunday! :loveyou:

      • Sammy
        You know that today is Thursday, right? 😮 What drugs are you on and can I come over for some?

        Whose 6 month old did you steal? I know you don’t have a baby unless magic is involved in it somewhere. 😆

  • Oh no! What happened to your foot? I’d send you some men in speedos if I had some spare ones. 😉

    • Osteoarthritis—bones too old–hahahaha–so they had to fuse some bones! Sigh…no speedos? Oh well. Enjoy the fourth J.K. 😀 !!!

      • Ouch! Well, I wish I could give you something to live vicariously through, but sadly I’ll probably be on the couch all day playing human mattress to my 6 month old.

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