Author Walter L. Williams arrested by the FBI for sex crimes against children

WilliamsAuthor Walter Lee Williams wanted by the FBI for that most heinous crime, sexual assaults against children, was arrested in Mexico on June 19. Here’s a brief description from the FBI Wanted Poster:

Walter Lee Williams, 64, was an anthropology and gender studies professor at the University of Southern California. He left in 2011, an FBI spokeswoman said.

Using academic research as a guise, Williams traveled in the Philippines and elsewhere in Southeast Asia to have sex with boys who were underage, according to the FBI. The bureau said it had identified 10 victims between ages 9 and 17.

“Mr. Williams allegedly utilized his position to identify at-risk youth for the purpose of sexually exploiting them and documenting those events,” FBI Assistant Director Ronald Hosko said at a news conference in Washington….”

Two of this author’s books were reviewed on this site, the last one on July 3rd, but I have since taken them down.


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  • How does a sex offender with no record of violence make it on to the 10 most wanted? I think it is because he could write about it thus others might be encouraged to do the things he did, He should of been a bit more careful in what he said and did. Alen Ginsberg was such a person who thought it ok for men to have sex with teens and he survived those views with few legal troubles, Anyway if these overseas affairs were with 14 years olds what is the bid deal, surely there was concent ever though people like to say a 14 year old can’t concent yet this ages has relations with peers every day all over the world, if there really were 9 year olds this would be something else but I doubt there really were boys involved this young as this man seems like a typical lover of adolescent teen boys. to bad a sad story.

  • Wow, this is extremely sad. I hope those kids are getting the help they need to get through what they experienced and that the perpetrator gets his just desserts.

    • He chose kids who had already been hurt as his victims. How cold and calculating. I hope he pays and pays and that his new associates in prison find out what a heinous crime he committed and that they will mete out prison “justice”.

    • One was still available at Lethe Press this morning although I believe they took it down earlier, but put it back up. I don’t know if the other one is on Amazon. The names of the two books that were reviewed on this site are:

      *Two Spirits: A Story of Life with the Navajo – Lethe Press
      The Spirit of the Pacific – Lethe Press

      *still available at the publisher and this could be because it was co-written with another author.

  • So incredibly sad for those boys and families who trusted him. Thank you Wave for removing his work. Sending good thoughts to all those hurt by this.

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