Accidental Chemistry

Accidental ChemistryTitle: Accidental Chemistry
Author: Susan Laine
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publisher Buy Link: Accidental Chemistry
Amazon:  Buy Link Accidental Chemistry
Genre: contemporary romance
Length: 105 pages
Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Andrea

Review Summary:  A cute romance featuring a character I initially considered undeserving of a second chance, but he made enough of a transformation that I ended up rooting for them.


Zane Roscoe’s evil day job at a musical instrument store is supposed to teach him responsibility. What he really wants is the fun, excitement, and artistic challenge of being a musician. Joshua Norton is in college, training to become a pharmaceutical chemist, and he is Zane’s complete opposite: introverted, intellectual, and quiet. When the two meet at a gay night club, their relationship begins with a case of mistaken identity and a wounded ego.

They try talking but stumble over one miscommunication after another. So Zane decides they better stick to sex—except a series of bumbling disasters, accidents big and small, and minor mishaps leads to frustration. Afterward, Zane wants to apologize for his behavior. But Joshua ran, and finding him turns into a test of character, as does earning Joshua’s forgiveness. Can they find the new beginning they need for a second chance at love?


I’m a chemist, so I always notice books with the word chemistry in the title. Then I read the blurb and saw that Joshua was a pharmaceutical chemist. Lo and behold, I also have a degree in pharmaceutical toxicology. Obviously I was destined to read this book!  :crystalball2:

All kidding aside, I admit I was initially interested because of Joshua’s chosen career. I wasn’t expecting anything chemistry related to be part of the story, and I was right about that. The second thing which piqued my interest was the idea of someone artistic getting together with a scientist. From my own past relationships, I know that communication between people that different can be difficult and frustrating.  Those are two types of people who usually have very different thought processes.  I could easily see how Joshua and Zane might get off to a rocky start.  😮

The first thing which struck me as I started reading was that this was going to be a book written in first person. I normally don’t have a problem with that, but I apparently do when the person narrating is an obnoxious ass. I did not like Zane. It was uncomfortable being inside his mind. He was basically acting like an irresponsible, self-absorbed slut throughout his initial dealing with Joshua. Joshua was shy, sweet, and a little awkward. I pitied him having to put up with Zane. I’ll just leave it that I don’t blame Joshua for running from Zane. I was so repulsed by Zane that I was questioning if I would be able to enjoy a book with someone like him as a main character.

The morning following that disastrous meeting, Zane had a revelation. He finally saw himself in a more realistic light and realized how badly he had treated Joshua. It was at that point where I decided I might need to give Zane a second chance. Now that I’ve finished the book, I can appreciate the growth of Zane’s character. My irritation over their painfully awkward meeting was overshadowed by Zane’s turn around. He eventually grew into someone I could root for. He had to work to get back in Joshua’s good graces, and that made it all the sweeter for me. It is a fluff romance, but it did end up being hot as well as a cute story. I liked it.

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