The Crush Revisited (Lincoln Hill #1)

sl_thecrushrevisitedTitle: The Crush Revisited (Lincoln Hill #1)
Author: Shawn Lane
Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 102 pages
Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Andrea

Review Summary: A fun fling which lost the some of the fun when a genuinely great guy was at risk of getting his heart broken.


Tim Olfander escapes his busy, hectic life in LA at his ten year high school reunion in the city he left behind years ago, Lincoln Hill. There, at the resort the reunion has booked, his gaze falls almost instantly on the sexy, pretty guy behind the check-in counter. He chats up the guy only to learn he is the assistant manager, Brandon Collins.

Tim instantly sets in motion his plan to spend the week at the resort with Brandon’s sweet body under his. He has no clue Brandon knows him from their high school days.

Back then, Brandon was a shy, closeted nerd who had a big crush on Tim, following him around at school. Now it seems fate has thrown Brandon’s former crush at him in the form of the now hotter than ever Tim, who also seems to have sex with Brandon on the brain. Brandon gives into his baser needs, not to mention his old fantasies, for a week long smoldering affair with the crush he never dreamed he’d revisit.


I seem to be on a roll with books focusing on a character almost too flawed to be likable. Seeing them earn their chance at redemption has been so satisfying for me.

This week’s arrogant man is named Tim. He was feeling sorry for himself and decided to head back to his hometown for his high school reunion. That is where he meets an incredibly hot man named Brandon. Tim has apparently been completely self-centered since high school, because he has no clue that Brandon was in the same graduating class. Brandon wasn’t that hot back in high school, but he did have a huge crush on Tim. Brandon is very surprised when Tim hits on him and even more surprised to discover that he’s still a little hung up on the guy. Against his better judgement, Brandon agrees to hook up with Tim for what turns out to be mediocre sex at best. Brandon quickly sees that his fantasy Tim was immensely better than the real one. Tim is oblivious to how unsatisfied Brandon was with the experience, and is surprised when Brandon doesn’t return Tim’s enthusiasm for the week of wild sex. Tim decides he needs to win Brandon over.

I was really enjoying the book up until the point where Tim decided to win Brandon over. Tim was completely self-centered and arrogant, but I never actively disliked the guy because he was harmless. I lost some of my interest when Tim decided to actively pursue Brandon. I think that was mostly because Tim’s heart wasn’t truly in it, and I knew Brandon’s was. I started feeling sorry for Brandon wasn’t seeing Tim as harmless anymore. What was a fun fling had lost it’s appeal for me at that point. .

The big turnaround for me was when Tim finally got his head out of his ass and realized he was going to lose the greatest man he was ever likely to get. With that brilliant revelation, I was back into it and pulling for Tim to prove himself to Brandon. The satisfaction I got when Tim finally figured it out was more than worth the frustration I had felt over him earlier. The ending sold me on their relationship even more. It’s definitely a HFN ending which will be continued in the next book, so it wasn’t disappointing at all. I loved that it was realistic and gave me plenty of hope that these two men could compromise and eventually have a loving and fulfilling partnership.


  • I like this type of story, esp. when one of the characters is the ” completely self-centered and arrogant type” like Tim, and when they finally get around to discovering what/who they are about to miss out on. If there is a HFN with more of the characters I liked, that’s even better!
    I plan to check it out, so Thanks for reviewing!


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