Falling in Love with Crazy

fallinginlovewithcrazyTitle: Falling in Love with Crazy
Author: Dane Waters
Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs
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Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance / Multi
Length: Long Novel
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 rating stars

A Guest Review by Raine

Summary Review: I took a dislike to the main character which left me feeling detached from this dramatic story of extreme emotions and actions.

Blurb: Economics professor Ryuu Tanaka suffers through the embarrassment of playing softball with his students to get closer to the man sitting under a nearby tree. Ryuu finds Daniel to be more attractive, more intelligent, and more mysterious than any human being has a right to be. Despite the fact Daniel isn’t gay, possibly isn’t all there, and isn’t interested in any future conversations, Ryuu has no intention of letting Daniel walk out of his life for good.

Avoiding arrest as a stalker is only the first hurdle Ryuu must overcome to be with Daniel. Once he does, their friendship quickly turns into a love that has Ryuu planning long nights with the perpetually horny and submissive Daniel bound and at his mercy. But Daniel’s failing mental stability forces Ryuu to delve into Daniel’s past. Ryuu learns Daniel’s real last name, the possibility of a child and that the man in his bed may not be Daniel at all.

Ryuu is desperate to keep the certifiably insane Daniel from slipping into his fantasy world with Armor, the version of Ryuu Daniel has created in his mind, but a homicidal student with a crush has other plans.


This story evokes a world of heightened sensibilities, emotions, interactions, everything happens at the extremities of the emotional range; it is all about the superlatives. I usually love this stuff. So I had high hopes for this book, but it came close to being a DNF, as I found it so hard to enjoy the main character, Economics professor Ryuu. Unfortunately from the very beginning I had problems. I couldn’t even believe in Ryuu’s determined coup de foudre when he first sees Daniel and this put a damper on our early relationship, as I muttered to myself about Ryuu’s ego.

I found him irritating, unpleasantly arrogant and self absorbed rather than engaging, though as I stuck with it I came to eventually like him more when he was dealing with adversity. His stalker like behaviour, although humorously underplayed as an endearing representation of strong feeling, in combination with his habit of referring to his penis as his ‘British’ was disconcerting. In contrast I thought the portrayal of the object of his extreme passion was far more sympathetic. The complicated mental illness Daniel suffers is much more severe than the usual quirk. However though vividly depicted with compassion and good imagination it still felt overall like the representation of a very dramatic situation rather than a real messy illness.

The plot is again all about extremes of behaviour, and I quite enjoyed the over the top-ness of Daniel’s social situation being very very rich, insanely talented, having a murdered family, plus an uber protective high powered sister. All this combined with the problem of an obsessed student brought out the best in Ryuu. The frantic action of the later stages of the book made up for the overly drawn out verbal and physical game playing which I struggled with early on. If you don’t like a character, the sex, no matter how hot blooded, just doesn’t really work.

I had checked out this book before I asked for it to review and I am not going with the mainstream opinion here; it has got a good spread of 5 star reviews. It did not work for me, but there are quite a few people out there who would disagree.



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