Author: L.A. Witt
Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs
Publisher: Self Published
Buy Link:  Amazon.com (Second Edition)
Genre: M/M Science fiction
Length: Novel
Rating: 5+ stars

five star + DIK read 2

A Guest Review by Sammy

Review Summary: A stunning novel that redefines the word, sensual!

Blurb: Skin to skin contact is illegal. Sex? A felony. Insulated suits and gloves keep people from even the most platonic touches. Citizens line up in droves at simhouses for their rationed, prescribed orgasms in virtual reality machines.

Keith Borden has worked in a simhouse for years, and he’s never been tempted to break the strict no-contact laws… until Aiden Maxwell comes along. The attractive and dangerously flirtatious patient invites him into the seedy underground where people engage in real, wireless sex. Though Keith stands to lose his career and his freedom, he’s curious and Aiden is irresistible.

From the moment he sets foot in the wireless lounge, Keith is in a world of flesh and fantasy. He’s hooked. On the sex, on the atmosphere, and most of all, on Aiden.

Years of keeping everyone in his world at arm’s length have left Keith craving a human touch, and Aiden offers all the contact–scorching sex, gentle affection, and everything in between–Keith can handle. That is, until an unexpected act of betrayal throws Keith’s world into chaos, and he finds himself more alone than he ever imagined possible…

Review: I have to begin by saying that this novel, Wireless, simply staggered me with its overwhelming sensuality. I am not sure how author L.A. Witt managed to do it, but she takes us inside the thought processes of a man who has not felt the touch of another human being since he was six months old. Wearing a heavy latex-like body suit and gloves, even a casual touch does not resonate–it simply cannot pass beyond the clothing barrier this dystopian society has created after effectively outlawing sex. So, you see, the moment Keith Borden actually feels another person’s flesh outside the confines of the simhouse, he is faced with something beyond his wildest imagination.

The affect that has on him is akin to a full body rush so intense he must leave the wireless lounge or completely breakdown both physically and mentally. However, the man who brought him there is not ready to say goodbye to Keith. There is something that draws Aiden Maxwell to his simtech’s side and it has much more to do with the strange and raw emotion that is akin to love than simple curiosity. Pursuing what now feels like an addiction, Keith and Aiden defy the law and its dangerous web in order to meet one another and touch…feel…love.

I cannot begin to tell you how greatly this book affected me. It was the most visceral experience I have ever had reading a novel. My senses were on overload and I swear to you that I could almost close my eyes and, through the power of L.A. Witt’s words, be transported to this futuristic society. The depth to which this author plumbed the passions and fears of her characters was stunning. The beat and pulse of this story resonated off the page straight into your central nervous system. The descriptive passages where the author relates Keith’s first experience with sensual touch–oh lordy–that was incredibly well written and just plain steaming hot.

It wasn’t the sex in this novel that made the story so intense, rather it was the anticipation, the first touch, the slow glide of a tongue over a pair of lips…this is what made the novel so compelling to read. You felt as though the author literally placed you inside the mind of her characters and you were able to walk around in their skin, feeling what they felt, hearing, tasting, experiencing it all just at the same moment they did. I am truly at a loss as to how to explain to you how remarkable this story was.

Was there sex? Yes, some of it incredibly erotic. Did the sex steer the plot? No, but it was integral to the story and yet never allowed the main theme to be driven by it. Instead, it was the raw emotions of both Keith and Aiden that was the driving force behind this story’s progression. As a result, Wireless was one of the most powerful novels I have read in this genre.

Wireless goes well beyond its science fiction label. Don’t be fooled. This is a romance, wrapped in an action packed novel that is set in a distant futuristic world. L.A. Witt does the impossible in this book. She melds a sensual romance with a cunning sci-fi twist and gives us, Wireless, a five star read!


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