Someday It Will Be

Title: Someday It Will Be
Author: S.A. McAuley
Publisher: Self Published
Buy Link: (Second Edition)
Genre: M/M
Length: Novella
Rating: 5+ stars


A Guest Review by Sammy

Review Summary:  An incredibly moving and beautiful story that left me simply speechless.

Blurb: Poe is about to learn death and time are fragile barriers, if he has the strength of will to let go.

Poe passes through a graffiti-laden alley, his chin tucked into his chest, a scarf wrapped tightly over his mouth to keep out the cold. He has nowhere to go since Isaac’s death, but something compels him out in the frigid Chicago winter.

He steps out of the alley, off the curb, and…into sand. In summertime. Isaac told him it would happen but Poe doesn’t care how it’s possible, only that now he has a chance to make everything right.

Review: I have no idea what to write. Truly. This novella is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, you may read what I manage to finally put down here and then buy this book and wonder why Jessewave ever considered letting me write reviews at all. Because, you see, this is one review that has no basis in objectivity. I have never read this author before. Have no clue as to who she or he is–none. However, this little story…holy cow, it knocked the wind out of my sails. I could not put it down. I had to know, I had to know. Surely this had to have a happy ending….please?

What can I tell you about this story, Someday It Will Be? I can tell you that Poe was horribly broken, guilt-ridden and barely able to recognize, much less grasp happiness when it finally, oh so briefly, re-entered his life. I can relate how he allowed an opportunity to slip from his very young hands, some thirteen years before only to recapture and rectify that moment and then lose it again. I am able to relate to you that even though Poe got the one thing in life many of us will only ever dream of–real, deep, true love and though it seemed fleeting it would actually last a lifetime.

The story? It was a cobbled affair–a series of flashbacks interwoven with the current time and then overladen with an alternate reality that was in fact, Poe’s own past meeting him in the future. Let me try to explain. Poe, a foster child whose only friend was a rich young man with the ability to bend people and events to his will, fell in love early on with Isaac. Isaac was “special” and yet he and Poe rarely spoke of Isaac’s “gift”. Instead they became the best of friends until one late summer thunderstorm brought the truth crashing down around Poe that he was in love with Isaac and that he would never be worthy of him.

So Poe ran and kept running for thirteen years. Through drug addiction, one dead end job after another, countless sexual encounters that often happened so that Poe could get money for his next fix, Poe ran and Isaac used his “gift” to pursue him. But Poe was Isaac’s blind spot–the one person he could not influence and the one person who always seemed just a step ahead of Isaac. So when they finally found each other again, Isaac gave a begrudging and angry Poe the funds to enter rehab and one long year later, two men who had loved each other for such a very long time, rejoined and opened their hearts. But what Poe was unaware of was that each time Isaac used his gift there was a price to pay and the road to finding Poe had been long and the gift had demanded much…so very much. Now Poe would lose the love of his life once again…or was there another way…could there be a way back to Isaac that Poe had never dreamed of in a million years?

But how? Isaac was dead and Poe was stumbling through what remained of the shards of his life until that one moment when he stepped back into his own past and had that golden opportunity all of us wish for–the ability to speak to our younger selves and show us what to avoid, how to be happy, what choices we should have made when we had the chance. Now all that remained was for Poe to convince his younger self that loving Isaac was the right thing to do.

I told you. This story may not be for everyone but that does not negate its incredible power. S.A. McAuley writes words that paint pictures–beautiful, deeply emotional pictures. Her sentences are a thing of beauty and yet there is never a word wasted–no flowery speeches, no superfluous ideas. Each line builds on the next to produce a story that was saturated with heartbreaking love. I honestly could not put this book down. I cannot explain why these two men–in particular Poe, grabbed me the way they did. There was such sadness here and yet such brilliant hope. This wasn’t angst so much as the laying bare of a heart that wept and longed for another. There were moments when I wanted to look away–Poe’s need was so naked–so much longing, so much pain and then Isaac was there, finally there to be exactly what Poe had wanted for so very, very long.

This was a love story and a story of second chances and a story of a love that would last well beyond the lives of these two men. I thought this novella, Someday It Will Be was just outstanding. I cannot say more than that–just outstanding.


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