Hard Ass is Here

Title: Hard Ass is Here
Author: S. C. Wynne
Publisher: Self Published
Buy link: Amazon.com (Second Edition)
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella
Rating: 3.75 out of 5 rating stars

A Guest Review by Raine

Summary Review: A polished and slick book that I didn’t fall in love with but might well be someone’s else perfect partner.

Blurb: Senior Analyst Taylor Williams knows there’s a embezzler at Peterton Financial, and he’s been doing everything he can to catch the crook. Unfortunately the numbers keep adding up to him being the thief.

When corporate sends in Regional Manager, Phillip Daniels to catch the crook, it’s obvious he suspects Taylor right off the bat. Phillip is gorgeous, sexy as hell and a hard ass. But when it comes to sexual attraction logic can’t compete. Even though Phillip suspects Taylor might be the thief, he can’t keep himself from bringing him into his bed, time and time again.

Will the numbers add up to a happy ending for these two?

While the writing was crisply competent, and ticked lots of requirements for what should be a good read this story fell short of charming me. This was purely because I just did not really warm to either of the main characters. This is such an individual response. Although Tayor’s flaws and his resulting struggle to sort himself out could be said to add depth to his character, it didn’t do it for me. Even though the scale of his particular problem felt realistic and believable.

Given the awkward, possibly criminal, situation the attraction between the guys seemed self indulgent rather than intense. I thought both of the men seemed to be rather ‘ generation me ‘ in nature. There was good sexual heat but it never really moved further on emotionally from the original booze fuelled hook up between two glossy, good looking guys. The cover for this book is spot on. I  found the corporate setting unappealing personally, but it felt very authentic. Because most of the action took place in public, at the office or in Phillip’s suite also at work, I felt on edge and slightly unsettled by the very professional environment. This ill ease was also down to the excellent building of tension as Taylor’s concerns about the fraud are amped up.

I thought the determined detailing of sensory description in general added to the intensity the writer was trying to create. The sushi meal had lots of good things going on. However throughout the book, I did find myself over registering the numerous mentions of Phillip’s cologne, and the various things he smelt of. So there was an occasional disconnect from the seduction scene building.

Although this romance didn’t particularly work for me, I do think it is on the whole a well written and nicely organised story- with good qualities of humour, detail and pace. Unfortunately, if the characters don’t catch my heart then everything else tends to fade away. It is very possible that another reader would find this hit all their sweet spots. So even though this one didn’t quite do it for me, I would be interested in trying more by this author.

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