The Moon’s Dirty Light (Werewolves of Baltimore #1)

Title: The Moon’s Dirty Light
Author: H.L. Holston and Eleanor Bruce
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Paranormal M/M
Length: 107 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Review Summary: This is a fun paranormal book with just about every wolfie trope and two alpha characters I couldn’t help liking …. a lot.

The Blurb

Full moon fever.

Is there ever a good time to tell the man with whom you just had mind blowing sex that you’re a werewolf and, chances are, come the next full moon, he’ll be sporting fur and fangs, too?

Police Officer Logan Robinson isn’t sure. Logan’s been in lust with his partner and best friend Dylan Reed for as long as he can remember. But Logan is a werewolf and after accidentally giving his partner the mating bite during sex Dylan will become one, too. Dylan is royally pissed when he finds out because Logan conveniently forgot to mention his little affliction until after they’d spent the night humping each other’s brains out. As if turning into a creature of the night wasn’t enough, Logan and he are investigating murders that look suspiciously like dog attacks, but they’re not.

Finding a killer is tricky enough. Now it will be almost impossible with their personal issues clouding the investigation. And if Dylan does turn into a four-legged freak at the next full moon, the fur will fly.

Werewolves of Baltimore

The Review

Logan Robinson is a 41 year old Detective Sergeant in the Baltimore PD who had been in love with his partner and best friend Dylan Reed for a long time, but had never told him because Dylan was married. Now that Dylan is newly divorced Logan is determined to do a “show and tell” to him about his feelings, and in his mind the fastest way is through sex, which was awesome, but at the end of it Logan couldn’t control himself and he gave Dylan a mating bite. Of course he didn’t tell Dylan the significance of the bite because he knew Dylan would freak out at turning furry come the next full moon.

Logan turned up at Dylan’s house late one night because he couldn’t contact him, and things went downhill fast. They got into a fight when Logan suspected that Dylan, his (still in he dark) new mate, was cheating as his wolf could smell another man’s scent on him. The resulting standoff ended with bullets flying from Dylan’s service revolver, a couple of them into Logan’s chest, and he had to explain to Dylan why he wasn’t dead after taking direct hits. Logan was forced to have The Talk with Dylan and reluctantly explained the whole wolfie mating thing and the existence of other paranormals, but before Dylan killed him for real they had a murder or two to solve or a serial killer would kill again and Lieutenant Crandall would use their guts for garters (even though he didn’t wear them). 🙂

I thought this story was hilarious even though there were some horrible murders in it. So why did I think The Moon’s Dirty Light was so funny? Dylan!. He was a geek, with an odd mixture of almost childlike wonder at his comic book heroes and his determination that Logan must show him the respect he deserved. He’s definitely one of the funniest characters I have encountered in a werewolf story in a long time, mainly because at times he didn’t seem to have his priorities straight. For example, on the way to a murder he wanted Logan to give him a couple minutes to finish a page in his latest X-men comic book before going immediately to the crime scene because, as he told Logan, the corpse wasn’t going anywhere and his story couldn’t wait. 😀

When Logan told him that they were bonded this was his reaction:

“What the fuck are you talking about? Bonding? You mean like Star Trek when Spock had to fight the other Vulcan  guy for the chick?”
Logan responded “Only you would come up with a Star Trek reference when I tell you you’re going to turn into a werewolf.” To Dylan it all came down to one thing “Jesus, you werewolf married us. Didn’t you?”

I couldn’t help loving Dylan’s character because he was so different. I did like Logan a lot but Dylan was so engrossed in his superhero/alien world that at times it seemed as though he wasn’t quite sure which was the real world. Of course this book wasn’t one long laugh – there were several major issues between the MCs that had to be resolved. First, how could Dylan trust his long time partner Logan who had betrayed his trust by giving him a mating bite without his permission; and the other issue of turning him into a werewolf. Logan took a long time to fully explain to his partner and soon to be “bride” 😆 all the intricacies of the werewolf and paranormal world, and the tension between them was pretty high when they should have been working as a team to find a serial killer.

To summarize: Logan was reminiscent of most werewolf MCs with all the alpha characteristics except he was a kinder, gentler were, until he felt his territory (Dylan) was being invaded by another were. Dylan was completely different from any were character I had read before. This book had every werewolf trope I have ever read, including knotting, mating bites, feuds with vampires, etc. The supporting characters were well drawn and here again the authors took a different route by making the female characters strong and powerful starting with the Medical Examiner Rosa who took no crap from her favourite detectives and showed them who was the boss in her territory, but she also had a macabre sense of humour. I loved the werewolf world created by these writers that was outside the norm as they turned every werewolf trope on its head. Even the alphas were not the traditional stereotypical 6 ft. 2 in. alpha males and this made the story more interesting. The writing was fresh and kept me engaged in the story which was full of funny quips and pop culture references from Lon Chaney jr. to The Six Million Dollar Man, and of course all of the comic book heroes that they could throw in. I think they had a lot of laughs writing this book. Nothing was sacred, not even lube, as this question from Dylan to Logan illustrates:

“How about peanut butter? It’s the crunchy kind”

I had a lot of difficulty reviewing this book with a straight face because I was laughing so hard.

Not your typical werewolf romance and definitely recommended.



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