Favourite M/M Author of 2013

AA2011 was the first year we had a competition on the site for Favourite M/M Author. To no one’s great surprise Josh Lanyon was crowned the winner by a landslide and he received his blue ribbon.

In 2012 Abigail Roux walked away with the honours (an author can’t be nominated again so Josh wasn’t eligible, although his fans stubbornly still entered his name in the competition). 😀

Nominations are now open for 2013 and there are no rules except that the author must write male/male romance. It doesn’t matter how long your nominees have been writing in the genre or if they occasionally write in other genres, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the winner will be someone who writes M/M exclusively or at least whose major output is in M/M. Neither Josh nor Abi is eligible so please don’t waste your vote. 😮

So who will be crowned this year’s winner?  You, the readers will decide because only readers can vote.

Please leave your nominations in the comments to this post and we will keep the contest open for 10 days. The top 5 nominees in terms of  votes from readers will move on to the voting where you will elect a new champion.

Nominations are now open and will close at midnight EST on Wednesday, December 11, 2013. You can only nominate one author unless your nominee is part of a writing team. If you nominate more than one author we will choose the first name on your list as your nominee. Good luck to all the nominees.

 It is 1.00 A.M. EST on Thursday December 12. Comments are now closed.


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