Happy Birthday Christian!!!

christian - Luke-GuldanHappy birthday Christian from all your friends here.

We wanted to celebrate this special day with you but you’re not here … you’re still in Vegas ….. so we got together to make you a special birthday present. Because you like Luke so much we thought you would appreciate a vimeo of just him which you can take with you wherever you go when the site closes. 😆

I baked a special cake for you  – hope you like it. It took a lot of time and effort to come up with something this perfect and I didn’t even have to use any butter or flour or sugar because I really don’t know how to bake. 😀 BTW this is the same cake as last time. 😆

We would have liked to cut the cake for you but I think you should do the honours yourself. Send me the candle – the big bdayHunkOnCakeSilverone in the middle – as a souvenir.

Here’s the vimeo that Tam made especially for you and Feliz wrote the birthday greetings in German. Hope you like it. I asked the Friday Guys to make a special appearance but they’re pissed because you didn’t take them with you to Vegas; even the Hot Tub Boyz are mad at you.  :wallbash: However, Luke wants to give you big hugs and he loves the fact that you have the hots for him. 😆

We all hope you have a very special day with your friends C. Happy birthday!!!!



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