Making It Count



Title & Link: Making It Count
Author: Kim Dare
Cover Artist: Trace Edward Zaber
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
Buy Link:  Buy Link Making It Count
Genre: M/M Romance (Light BDSM)
Length: Short Story (12,000 words)
Rating: 5 stars

A Guest Review by Sammy

Review Summary: Who knew counting could be such kinky fun?

Blurb: Duncan’s wanted to do a scene with Toby ever since he met him in their first study group of the year, but when Toby failed to flirt back, or pick up on a single kinky hint, Duncan knew he had no choice but to back off. He always thought that Toby would be interesting if he ever came out of the kinky closet—but it never even occurred to Duncan that he’d suddenly find the boy standing on the doorstep of the club he runs.

Toby’s been fascinated and intimidated by Duncan in equal measure for months. When his flat-mate bails out on a kinky play-date with Duncan at the last moment, Toby’s need overtakes his nervousness. Before he has time to think twice, he’s there, offering himself up as a replacement sub for the night.

This might be the only chance Toby has to fulfill all his fantasies surrounding Duncan—and he’s determined to make it count.

Review: This is a quick and simple review for a sweet sip of a story.

Yes, there is a Dominant who rarely plays with a sub twice–Duncan.

Yes, there is a sub who is just discovering that a bit of kink gets him excited–Toby.

Yes, there is a hot, hot interlude between the two which includes cuffs, chains, delayed gratification and spanking.

Did I mention the sex is HOT?

While that’s all well and good you may still wonder why 5 stars and why should you be interested in spending money on an admittedly short, short story? The answer is simple, because Kim Dare manages in just a few pages to present us with fairly well fleshed out characters, a bit of hot sex and a hint of a future relationship to come. She makes her subs so approachable and so sweet that you cannot help but want to wrap them up and take them home. Her Doms are rough around the edges and growly and always slightly bowled over by their initial feelings of needing to protect the submissive before them.

All in all, the real appeal of a Kim Dare short story is that in a brief amount of time you are given a well written glimpse at all kinds of possibility, the best of happy ever afters in the making, and hot moments where the idea of submission and dominance is cemented for both men. I am always entertained by this author and Making It Count was no exception!

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  • Kim Dare is one of my favorite authors too…(Duck! is among my constant re-reads)…and I don’t mind a shorter story when the author can pack in as much as she does. I’ll check this one out.
    I’ve been in a down mood since the closing of the site was announced, will miss all of you guys and your reviews and news and EVERYTHING! I’m not sure where I’ll get my fix in anymore 😀


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