Sex & Sourdough

Sex&SourdoughTitle: Sex & Sourdough
Author: A.J. Thomas
Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson
Buy Link: Sex & Sourdough
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 266 pages
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Andrea

Review Summary:  An interesting tale of two men finding love while hiking the Appalachian trail and trying to stay one step ahead of the crazy ex stalking them.


Anders Blankenship never intended to hike the Appalachian Trail alone, but when his boyfriend cancels, Anders steels his courage, leaving the abusive relationship to tackle the long-distance hike. Though a hiking virgin, he’s glad he made the decision when he receives threatening messages from his ex. Luckily, Kevin, an experienced backpacker, takes him under his wing.

Kevin Winters isn’t looking for a hiking partner, let alone a fling with a cute man on the rebound. After learning he has the autoimmune disorder that killed his father, Kevin left his family to wander remote trails. Convinced his future holds only pain and death, Kevin refuses to get close to anyone. The family sourdough recipes he recreates over a campfire are his only solace.

In the wilderness, Anders and Kevin discover a lot of common ground. While the future holds uncertainties they may not be ready to deal with, it might also hold the chance for happiness.

I had no idea what to expect when I picked up Sex & Sourdough. Normally it’s pretty easy to sum up a book in a sentence or two, but it’s really difficult to do that with this book. That’s due to there being so many different layers to the plot. This was a book which had a lot happening. On one level there is Anders finally discovering who he is, what he wants out of life, and gathering the courage standing up for himself. Another level has Kevin living with a disease which he knows is going to eventually kill him. Then, there is the slow build of the romance between Anders and Kevin. There is also their fascinating adventure of hiking the Appalachian Trail.  And then, on a completely different level, is Anders’s ex boyfriend. He brings the crazy, which is the root of the danger and action in the book.

I’m sure after everything I just said that it seems like there’s no way all this can work together, but it does. This book completely captured my imagination and interest.  I knew the Appalachian Trail existed, but that’s about all I knew about it. After reading this book, I’m thinking it’s something I want to do myself one day.  The hike itself and all the people they encountered fascinated me.  It was a fun and unique backdrop for their romance.  The relationship between Anders and Kevin was so good. It felt real. I had no problem imagining them as real people, they were genuine and natural. Neither they nor their relationship ever felt forced. I thought their day to day struggles of hiking the trails, finding a place to camp, eating enough food to sustain them, and even Kevin mixing up his sourdough was all very interesting.

It feels like a cop out to say it, but there really is too much happening for me to give you a clear picture about all of it and how it works together. What I can tell you is that Anders and Kevin have a great relationship. There was also a wonderful sense of danger and suspense because of the ex stalking Anders. I especially liked that the book touches on the love of parents for their kids and what the support of family can bring. I can promise you that reading Sex & Sourdough is an adventure. I really enjoyed it, and I recommend it.


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  • I loved this book, if not quite as much as this author’s first, “A casual weekend thing”. I liked the same things as you did; the relationship between Anders and Kevin is adorable. Let me add the remarkable accuracy regarding the medical details; I also found it impressive that the author didn’t shy away from a character with a visibly disfiguring disease and gave him realistic issues with his condition.
    The ex though, that was somewhat over the top for me.


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