Happy Christmas (and thank goodness it’s just about over)

muggsXmasHat13_DSCN2280So, I forgot it was Christmas. Well, not completely, but yeah, this year it’s not my main focus. I’m a recovering Catholic who does generally celebrate the holiday, but my partner got a new, shiny titanium knee, nicknamed Ti-Knee of course, for the holidays and I have been spending a good portion of my time not at home, but first at the hospital last week, and now rehab. Yeah, while I was doling out books and updating posts and switching the format and dealing with the elves, I was mostly sitting in one uncomfortable chair after another with my laptop or tablet staged on the wheelie table/tray in a place with constant beeping, moaning people, interrupting staff, bad food and…wait for it…television with commercials.  I know, the horror!  🙂

At home, we have satellite tv with DVR, and someone will need to pry the DirecTV remote from my cold, dead hands before I give it up because I hate commercials. Hate them with a passion. I hate the higher volume that they’re set to; I hate the stupidity; I hate when the same ones are played over and over. And I especially hate ads around this time of the year (we’ve decided that there are four topics — booze, perfume, jewelry and cars — in addition to pushing network shows or viagra or the newest, greatest gadget), the commercialism that has become the holiday drives me batty, but because I have my precious DVR and the ability to skip this crap, I rarely have to endure it (at least on television).

For the last nine days, I haven’t been able to escape it because no matter where I am, there is a television on. I turned to the computer to watch a couple of the very few current shows I follow (it may have its issues, but Almost Human, with the real-life physical embodiment of Ty Grady in Karl Urban, is pretty okay) because it offers a more “on demand” situation and even there, I ran into commercials. We gave up and went back to the television in the room (an aside: ten years ago I spent two weeks in the same hospital Jan was in, in a room literally across the hall from hers, and the tv is exactly the same one as what was there a decade ago. Not only are they in bad condition — fuzzy, grainy pictures, color issues — but they are the “old” kind with big, heavy backs with tubes, and if there is an earthquake, those babies are gonna fly off their elevated stands and kill someone. I left a feedback note that read something like “dear hospital administrators: you are building a fancy, new, state-of-the-art facility next door and you can’t pay for some flat screens that probably will cost you $50/per or less because you’re buying in bulk?”)  Anyway, we have been bombarded with commercials trying to get you to buy X for the Y in your life, and because I am not spending time in the real world, every once in a while it hits me that it’s Christmastime.

So, today is it.  It’s Christmas Day and and I get to go back to the regular bad commercials.  🙂  I’m heading out to rehab around 11 to have what I am told will be a great Christmas lunch, finish up the admin stuff related to BAHAG, kiss my honey goodby, then come home to spend some time with the Muggster.  What are you all up to today?


  • Hope the rehab goes well for your partner, it’s never a good time for surgery but esp. tough around the Holidays.
    I can tell from the picture that Muggs is thinking …”If I’m real sneaky I can take the hat and bury it in the backyard before they notice it’s missing, then blame it on the cat, yeah, that’s the plan”…. I loved all the photos with Muggs this year 😀

  • My Christmas Day was much calmer than yours, by the sound of it. My hubby, my daughter and her fiance and I met up with my sister and had lunch at a beach side hotel. The weather is sunny and warm at this time of the year and after lunch we walked a little way down the esplanade opposite the hotel to admire the view. Lots of people swimming and enjoying the sunshine.

    I also have a Ti Knee! You’re a very loving partner, spending so much time with your loved one. I was spoiled when I got home from the hospital, but that was because I couldn’t walk! Not so much in the hospital, and I didn’t go to Re-hab.

    I also agree with you about ads! Blimey. When we first hooked up to cable, there were no ads at all. Now there are as many as free-to-air TV and we pay $100 a month for it. I just don’t watch it at all, apart from the news and some sport. Your satellite situation sounds much better.

    I hope your New Year will be much more peaceful and calm, and you’ll get to spend lots of time with your loved ones and the Muggster.


  • Your Christmas doesn’t sound like the best one in the world but you’re able to spend it with your partner so that makes it a good one. I’m stuffed and haven’t even served dinner yet. That’s one of the perks/curses of being the cook.

    Thank you so much for the Christmas giveaway. I don’t know how on earth you managed it, but it was a beautiful gift to all of us and I will miss you and this site.

  • Thank you for all your hard work on the Big Book give-away – I’m amazed you could function in those conditions and yes, it would be the constantly-on Tv with commercials which would break me. Hope the new knee does all that it should, and that you both have a lovely Christmas!

  • I don’t know, but a freak ice storm that hit a number of US states and many of Canada’s provinces on the east coast including the Province of Ontario and city of Toronto where I live, (think New York but on a much smaller scale) Christmas is not the same this year for me. This storm has affected hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, including members of my own family who were without power for 72 hours – some Canadians and Americans are still without heat and power. Also, when I think of people living in other parts of the world who are without hope and starving such as Sudan and other countries in Africa; Syria, where there doesn’t appear to be a humanitarian solution; North Korea; etc. celebrating the holidays is difficult for me this year.

    I don’t mean to be a downer as I’m appreciative of my life which is a good one: I live in a country where I’m free and am able to be with friends and family over the holidays, but because I’m feeling guilty about having so much, later today I’m going to be working with a number of other volunteers at an organization that feeds the homeless and I’ll be thinking of how lucky I am. I hope that many of you will share the gift of the holidays with those less fortunate. Thank you for allowing me into your lives.

  • Wow, what a Christmas *hugs*

    Hope the new knee will do your partner good

    Over here Christmas is all over and we’ve gone splat

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