Recommended Reads — December 2013

Recommended Reads — December 2013

sense of placeHere is the list of Recommended Reads for December 2013, our last. If there are incorrect links or something I missed, please leave a comment in the post. Enjoy!

The Only One Who Matters by Cat Grant and L.A. Witt — 5+ stars DIK (Wave)
The Ghost in Number 9 by Rick R. Reed — 5 stars (Lloyd Meeker)
Falls Chance Ranch by Rolf & Ranger — 5+ stars DIK (Raine)
Sense of Place (Thomas Elkin Book 3) by N.R. Walker — 5+ stars DIK (Wave)
A Case of Possession (A Charm of Magpies #2) by KJ Charles — 4.75 stars (LenaLena)
The Only One Who Knows by L.A. Witt and Cat Grant — 4.75 stars (Wave)
The Little Things by Jay Northcote — 5 stars (zac)
Making It Count by Kim Dare — 5 stars (Sammy)
Clarity of Lines (Thomas Elkin book two) by N.R. Walker — 5 stars (Wave)
Merry Christmas, Utah by Erin O’Quinn — 4.75 stars (Orion)
The Backup Boyfriend by River Jaymes — 5+ stars DIK (Wave)
Secrets And Ink by Lou Harper — 5+ stars DIK (Sammy)
The Trouble With Tony by Eli Easton — 5 stars (Sammy)
Brokenhearted by Cate Ashwood — 5 stars (Sammy)
Kick Start (Dangerous Ground 5) by Josh Lanyon — 5+ stars DIK (Wave)
Stealing the Wind by Shira Anthony — 5 stars (Sammy)

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  • I will miss you and this site more than you can imagine. Unbaised reviews and snarky commentary. You made a real community out of bunch of readers and writers. Thank you. 🙂


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