Something Like Hope (Something Like… #1)

Title: Something Like Hope (Something Like… #1)
Author: Kris T. Bethke
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Release Date: July 3rd 2015
Genre(s): M/M Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 112 (Extended Novella 35k words)
Reviewed by: Belen
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


(Part of the Something Like… series)

Television actor Aaron Zeller is thrilled when the character he plays on a popular primetime crime drama begins a gay relationship with one of the main characters on the show. While the cast and crew are mostly supportive, lead actor, Lucas Logan, is not. Aaron feels nothing but inexplicable coldness from the man.

Lucas admits his attraction for Aaron, but he is reluctant to act on his desires because of the potential detriment to his career should his sexuality become public. What they have between them could be sizzling hot. But is it worth the risks?

An M/M story about two actors sneaking around and being all hot for each other? I am SO in!

Hell I'm in

When Aaron Zeller, who has a recurring guest role on the popular primetime drama police procedural Rourke and Geary, gets bumped up to a full-time cast member he’s happy. When he finds out it’s because his character is going to become romantically involved with one of the leads he’s thrilled. When he finds out that relationship’s with Frank Geary, played by the friendly Daniel Jacobs, he’s delighted. As an out gay actor, to be portraying a gay relationship on prime time network television…he couldn’t ask for more.

The only little bit of drizzle on his parade comes from actor Lucas Logan, who plays the other lead character, Murphy Roarke. Lucas has been nothing but standoffish and cold to Aaron during the twenty-one months he’s been guest starring on the show. While Aaron easily gets along with all the other cast and crew, he’s never managed to thaw Lucas.

Turns out Lucas has been cold because he’s totally hot for Aaron. But Lucas doesn’t ever act on his desires. As a closeted actor with his eye on furthering his career he knows there’s no chance for him to continue getting offered the roles he wants if he comes out – so he doesn’t do anything about the need that runs through him whenever he see Aaron.

Until the day he sees Aaron and Daniel shoot their first kissing scene. Then his feelings and needs explode and he kisses the hell out of Aaron, leaving Aaron hot, bothered and confused.

I loved reading about the progression of Aaron and Lucas’s relationship from hands off to clothes off! Kris T. Bethke struck all the right tones.  Usually closeted characters bother me, but the way Bethke portrays Lucas dried up any complaints I usually have on the subject. Lucas and Aaron are open from the beginning and actually discuss and have conversations about their feelings. No miscommunication here thankfully!

I loved Lucas’s possessiveness and total adoration of Aaron. It flipped all my switches.

Lucas was suspiciously quiet. When I gave him a nudge, he shook his head and his eyes cleared. “Come on. We’ve got work to do.”

He turned and walked away. I wasn’t having that. I wanted to know what was going on in his head. I followed him right to his dressing room and shut the door behind me. He was staring at the far wall, his fist clenched at his sides.


He turned and tried to give me a smile. It didn’t quite work. “They’re going to think you’re with him. The fans. They’ll think you’re actually with Dan. Instead of Friley fics, we’re going to start seeing Daaron fics. The rumors are going to be insane.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, because he was right. That was how being in the public eye worked. Fans were going to dissect every interaction I’d had with Dan and make up all sorts of details confirming their suspicions. It had happened a hundred times over. Sometimes it was even blatantly true. “That bothers you.”

“You’re mine,” he ground out. “Not his. Mine.”

“Yeah, I am.” I closed the distance between us fast and put my hands on his face. “Try not to let it get to you. We know the truth, and that’s what matters, right?”

He blew out a breath, his anger dissipating with the action. “Yeah. I’ll try.”

“Good boy,” I teased. He growled, and that made me laugh. “Now kiss me and get to work.”

Turns out, he was very good at taking direction.

This has a sweet HFN ending which stays true to the story. I truly enjoyed this and look forward to checking out the other stories to come in the series.

Something Like…Series

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