Smitten (SSU Boys #2)

Title: Smitten (SSU Boys #2)
Author: Maris Black
Publisher: Maris Black Books
Release Date: May 31st 2014
Genre(s): MM Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 247 Pages
Reviewed By: Rissa (AnMMkindagirl)
Heat Level: 5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Dan Fisher is a fun-loving slacker from SSU with a passion for partying and dancing. When rich girl Avery Wakefield offers him a brand new designer wardrobe in exchange for posing as her boyfriend, he reluctantly agrees. He hates lying, but it’s hard to turn down nice clothes and a chance to live in a historic mansion in Savannah for two weeks. What he doesn’t count on is falling hard for her mysterious, straight brother.

Julian Wakefield is as tortured as he is handsome. He keeps a secret close to his heart, and everyone else at a distance. But now his sister’s new boyfriend is stirring up feelings he’s always been able to deny. Like an angel and the devil all rolled into one, he tempts him to take chances he never would have taken before. Too bad Dan belongs to his sister, whom he would never dream of betraying.

But… put two hot boys with an irresistible attraction in the same house for long enough, something is bound to happen.

Awe Dan is SMITTEN…

We met Dan in Pinned (which was Beck and Jeremy’s story. If you haven’t read it yet…run, go grab it! It’s totally worth it!) and he struck me right away as a character I’d love to get to know more. He has that easy go with the flow shrugs I’m cool with whatever attitude. Hmmm….Good thing or Bad thing? Guess we’ll see.

Julian Wakefield. Yes, you absolutely have to include his last name when you mention him. He has this attitude and way he carries himself so others see him as someone not to mess with, someone who knows what he’s doing and knows what he wants even if he’s never truly admitted it to himself. Some may say he’s a douche or an asshole…lol. I can see that but for me, even at his most ‘assholish’ moment he’s a great character.

The first time these two guys are in the same room together I could feel the connection and was totally ready for them to get down n dirty!! But alas, we have the ‘he’s straight & he’s my sisters boyfriend’ issues standing in the way. Well all the more time for everyone’s crazy shenanigans and believe me shenanigans were had. I mean alcohol, a sweater that makes you hard, lap dancing, A lucky cab driver named Hector and that’s just a handful of the crazy we get to experience with these guys.

I enjoyed this book overall. It did take a little while for me to get hooked into it and a couple OTT scenarios but this book is meant to be fun so I just went with it and soaked it all up!

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun (drama-filled) sexy hot read!

SSU Boys Series

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