Title: Spark (Island Heat Book 1)
Author: E. Davies
Publisher: LoveLight Press
Release Date: June 26th 2015
Genre(s): MM Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 92 Pages
Reviewed By: Rissa (AnMMkindagirl)
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.8 stars out of 5

Perfect. Moist. Supple. Like the stranger’s lips.

Once a gourmet baker designing elite desserts, Kevin Walker now works at a second-rate bakery and dreams of opening a dessert bar with his best friend, mixologist Troy. When Troy secretly applies for a Main Street storefront on Ember Isle, an exclusive gay millionaires’ retreat, they’re accepted – despite how Kevin’s always said he’s straight. Kevin’s not worried; he’s secure enough in his sexuality. He’s never been with a woman, but then, he’s never found the right one… right?

Billionaire Eli Black thought he had it all until he walked in on his high-rolling actor boyfriend Tom rolling in the hay with another man. His closest friend Dean drags him to Ember Isle to make him have fun while they wait for Tom to make the news public. He doesn’t think he can flirt again, but before he can even set foot on the island, he’s proven wrong. When he later spots a dessert bar and can’t resist a peek before opening time, the man he met earlier catches his eye. He wants Kevin over his knee and in his bed… and he doesn’t believe for a second that Kevin is straight.

Eli and Kevin try to understand their intense mutual attraction at first meeting, and they’re drawn together for fun in the island heat. Wires cross afterwards as they realize they’re more than a one-night stand, yet Kevin thinks Eli is lying to him about being single. Can their budding relationship survive its first test?

An Island just for gay Millionaire and Billionaires.
What a concept!

Kevin the ‘straight’ baker and his best friend Troy whom is a bartender slash mixologist have been selected to open up a dessert bar on said gay island. Eli the billionaire and his best friend Dean have decided that after the recent ordeal that Eli has been thru, they need to go spend some time on Ember Isle. Kevin hasn’t even found his footing on the Isle when Eli catches a glimpse of him and decides that he needs to meet him.

The guys meet and form a fast connection. I really enjoyed the little bit of time they spend getting to know each other, I wish they would have acquainted themselves a little bit more before they got to the good stuff. And for someone who hasn’t had ANY sexual experience with anyone male or female Kevin sure went for the gusto! I’m all for him throwing caution to the wind and just following his cock..errr gut and just going for it and that he did.

The spanking was totally out of left field. I thought it was added in maybe to lengthen the scene and didn’t work for me.

First books in series & serials usually spend time ‘setting up’ and preparing us for more books down the road. It helps paint the picture that the author is seeing. While painting that picture for us Troy & Dean made HUGE impressions on me (almost more than Eli & Kevin) so I hope that they will get some time in the Isle spotlight.

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Advanced Review Copy

Advanced review copy of Spark provided by LoveLight Press via Indigo Marketing in exchange for an honest review.


I am an MM kinda girl…gimmie 2, 3 or more guys and I’m one happy lady! I’m a sucker for rockstars and cowboys they definitely make my knees weak. Friends to Lovers, GFY, Age-Gaps and Men in panties are just a few others that I love to read. Basically load me up anything that has a good story & awesome guys who have great chemistry and I’ll be in heaven.

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