Into the Light

Title: Into the Light
Author: Carter Quinn
Publisher: Carter Quinn Books
Release Date: May 26, 2015
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 182
Reviewed by: Jewel
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.2 stars out of 5

Avery spent years in the blackness, fighting memories of abuse and feelings of self-loathing. His only sanctuary used to be his brother Sam, but after two years of intensive therapy and a long-term relationship with Noah, his world is a much brighter place.

Things have changed in the year and a half since Avery and Noah confessed their love for each other. Noah’s mother and brother have moved East. Sam and Kira are married. And Avery and Noah are moving in together at long last. Family dynamics strain in uncomfortable new ways, especially when Avery’s past reappears.

What will this mean for Avery’s recovery? Will he surrender to the Blackness or is he strong enough to continue his journey Into the Light?

Into the Light was a worthy followup to Out of the Blackness. I loved it. The story picks up about a year and a half after Out of the Blackness ends and we get to see, first hand, just how far Avery has come. His demons may not ever be fully gone, but he has come so far and he has the tools and the support to put them in their place. It was beautiful to see.

Into the Light is all about family and one of my favorite themes – family is often not the people you are born to, but rather those who really have your back and who will help you up and dust you off when you fall. That’s really what family is all about and I’m so happy that Avery found his.

The angst in the story came from a place I really would never have expected it to, but it was resolved – thankfully – before irreparable damage was done. Navigating the ever changing landscape as families grow and change can be ever challenging and we see Avery and Sam face some unexpected uncertainty. It was breaking my heart for a while, but I was glad to see all work out well.

Avery and Noah are such a strong couple in this book. When I read a story where the MC’s are an established couple that I already care about, I always kind of fear that the story angst will be centered on their relationship. I’m so happy that wasn’t the case here. They are so solid and so strong, it was beautiful. Avery has come so far and is healthy and happy and facing new things head on and that he has Noah as his champion is just so perfect.

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