Just Desserts

Just DessertsTitle: Just Desserts (Tales of the Curious Cookbook)
Author: Mary Calmes and Greg Tremblay (Narrator)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC
Release Date: August 11, 2015
Genre(s): M/M Contemporary
Length: 2 hrs and 54 mins
Reviewed by: Belen
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


A novella in the Tales of the Curious Cookbook series

Boone Walton has tried hard to create some distance between himself and his past. He’s invested in his new life, his New Orleans art gallery, and his friendship with Scott Wren. Things finally seem to be settling down to normal, and Boone couldn’t be happier.

Chef Scott Wren wants much more than normal with Boone. He wants to raise things to the next level, but Boone is terrified—and not because of the ghost in Scott’s apartment or Scott’s relatives. No, Boone’s past is about to pay him a visit, and the only thing that can get between Boone, Scott, and a hinky recipe for chocolate mousse found in a curious cookbook is the river of pain Boone had to swim across to get to this side of The Big Easy. There’s a secret behind the ingredients, though—one that might reveal the trust and love that have been missing from Boone’s life.

Belens Audio Book Review
This is a great short story with a lot packed into it. Greg Tremblay’s incredible narration is just the whipped cream on this fabulous confection.
I Love you2
I enjoyed (and there was maybe a tear or two for) Boone’s back story in Japan, which made me see why he had been reticent to pursue a relationship with Scott.


See, I look at the Haru situation as Boone being a kid when he fell in love with him, in that sort all encompassing Romeo and Juliet “I’m an idiot who’d rather die than live without you because I’m too young and stupid to know things change and eventually you’ll become a heroin addict and die leaving me anyway” sort of way.

I also loved the way it was left open for his pseudo little brother, Satoru, to maybe have his own story. hint, hint

As an aside, only Mary Calmes could have two men who have been sleeping around with multiple different partners for years throw away the condom for their first time and say they’re doing it bare without getting tested or already having test results and not have me lose my mind. Well, only Mary Calmes and Cardeno C.
I'll allow it

Also, for those of us nerds: I love “Easter eggs” in movies or when a book references another character or series…and we get that here!
I absolutely LOVE Boone got some of his ink at Hizoku Ink, Ichi’s Shop from Rhys Ford’s novels, which ties in perfectly to the shout out Rhys gave Mary Calmes at the end of Dirty Deeds. Anyway…I’m a nerd and it’s awesome.


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