Submitting to the Darkness (Island Tales #3)

island tales #3
Title: Submitting to the Darkness (Island Tales #3)
Author: K.C. Wells
Publisher: Island Tales Press
Release Date: September 8th 2015
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 278
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5+ stars out of 5
A Gay Book Reviews 5+ star read!

Three weeks after being diagnosed with acute glaucoma, Adam Kent lost his vision. Two months down the line, and he’s left behind his life in London as an author of political history books and retreated to the Isle of Wight, to live in the house he inherited in Steephill Cove. But that’s not all Adam’s left behind him: the trappings of his life as a Dom are packed away into three boxes and stored in his attic. After all, he’s never going to need them again, right? Who’d want a blind Dom anyway?

Paul Vaughan is employed to be a live-in companion to Adam, but his new employer makes it very clear he wants to be left alone. Paul can see Adam is hurting and struggles to help him, even though Adam resists him at every turn. Thankfully, Paul’s friends Taylor, Mark and Sam are there to lend an ear when he needs to vent – and also to try setting him up with a guy or two. It’s not that Paul doesn’t appreciate their efforts, but the guys they keep sending his way are way too… vanilla. A chance visit to a club had already shown Paul a side to him he’d never expected: maybe his tastes are a little kinkier.

Two events occur to rock Paul’s life: he discovers his boss isn’t as straight as Paul had thought, and he takes a peek into a box….

97,267 words. Contains a mild BDSM scene 18+


This was my favorite K.C. Wells book to date! It really ticked all my boxes.

    An imperfect hero with disability, living like a recluse and acting like an asshole. Check. Adam lost his vision and is having a hard time adapting to his current situation. Very well sketched character and the stages he went through were very realistically portrayed. I really felt for him every time he had a break down.

    The caretaker theme. Check I like this trope a lot. And although Adam kept denying he needed any help, it was obvious he wouldn’t have made it without Paul.

    The kink is just right. Pretty light, more like Adam helping Paul explore his dark side.

    Plenty of steam. Adam and Paul are so hot together. I want to be a fly on that library’s wall!

    Perfect setting. The Isle of White is apparently a great place for romance and it reminds me of Greece so much!

And if you want declarations of love on page in your books, you’re gonna love this.

“Say the words, babe.” The hitch in Paul’s breathing made his heart beat faster. “Adam?” Adam kissed him. “Say the words I’ve never heard from another man’s lips, not for me.” He laid his soul bare with that whispered truth. “Oh, God.” Paul leaned into him, his body pressed up against Adam, so warm and vital. Paul brought his lips to Adam’s ear. “I love you, Adam Kent.”

Ele is happy.

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