Outcast: A gay alpha omega werewolf romance

OutcastTitle: Outcast: A gay alpha omega werewolf romance
Author: Gem Frost, Meg Harris
Publisher: Daylily Publishing
Release Date: September 28th 2015
Genre(s): M/M Paranormal Erotica
Page Count: 55 pages
Reviewed by: Belen
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 1.9 stars out of 5


Caeden Wolf was born an alpha, destined to be the leader of his pack, but instead he’s run off to the city to live among humans. His omega best friend Jonathan MacArthur has been sent to bring him back to their people, but the city is full of dangers for an omega wolf. Mac quickly realizes he needs an alpha to protect him…. and to dominate him.

Book One in the “Wolf in the City” series. 18,000 words. Explicit m/m sex.


One thing that is guaranteed to make me lose my mind is a SNEAK CLIFFHANGER. You know what I mean – you read an awesome blurb, you’re thinking, “Hey, this sounds short but awesome, I’ll grab it!” Then you get to the end and…CLIFFHANGER.

It ends in a cliffhanger

So, yeah, I’m upset. Because there was NOTHING, anywhere, at all that said this wasn’t a stand-alone novella, that it was a cliffhanger or “part one”, which usually signifies it as part of a serial…I mean, sure it says “Book One in the ‘Wolf in the City’ series” – but that doesn’t mean it cannot be a standalone. So I feel like I was led astray.

A ruse

If I know that it’s part one of a serial, with a cliffhanger, I will wait for all parts to be completed and grab the omnibus, so I have a complete tale. Otherwise, I usually wouldn’t touch it with a 40 foot barge pole.

Caeden Wolf is one of the most singularly unlikable characters I’ve read in a while. Seriously unlikable. Sure you find out there is something wrong with Caeden and that for three years he’s been growing stronger and more aggressive. It turns out he should have shifted into a wolf when he was 18, but now at twenty-one and still having not shifted, it is beginning to really adversely affect him.

When he ran from his pack three years ago it was because he couldn’t stand the pity and ridicule as the alpha’s son always being a cub (non-shifting wolves are always “cubs”). However, now it’s time his father wants him home, so the alpha has sent the lowest omega of the pack, and Caeden’s childhood best friend, to bring Caeden back.

Jonathan MacArthur (“Mac”) is accosted by gang members while looking for Caeden, but luckily Caeden saves him. But this Caeden has changed, he’s no longer the best friend Mac remembers and was in love with, this Caeden enjoys hurting others and is super strong, aggressive, and alpha dominant. And a major asshole. But Mac has a mission from his alpha, as well as wanting his friend and crush back, so he tries to convince him to come home with him. Which turns into a lot of sex. In a Junkyard. On a car.

Sexual Healing

What you get is Caeden saving Mac from a gang, two sex scenes, Caeden and Mac are set upon by the gang again, and then…”to be continued”.

To be continued

Honestly, the writing and story weren’t that great, and I really disliked the Caeden character, regardless of whether he’s “sick” or not. So maybe if I had a complete story I’d see the redemption of Caeden, and the love story between Caeden and Mac bloom into more than fucking. I don’t know…and I don’t know that I’ll come back for more.

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Review Copy

Copy generously provided by Daylily Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


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