Lovers, Losers, and You (Renee’s review)

loversTitle: Lovers, Losers, and You (Sunshine and Happiness #2)
Author: Skylar M. Cates
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: September 11, 2015
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 202
Reviewed by: Renee
Heat Level:  4 flames out of 5
Rating:  2.7 stars out of 5

Owen King is a lonely history teacher who wants to be braver. So when Owen learns about the deceased brother he never met, he breaks free of his safety net and risks answers. Despite his loving, adopted family, Owen wonders if there are missing pieces inside of him. Visiting the seaside town of Ocean Vista, where his brother lived and died, will be no vacation.

Andrew Teagan wants to be a winner. After being dumped by his last boyfriend, Andrew is through letting others dictate his life. To prove that dreams are possible, he’s going after his ambitions full force. Having signed on for a cooking reality show, Andrew’s ready to make his small café into a sizzling success.

When Andrew aids Owen on the beach, what starts off as an act of kindness turns into a hot temptation. But can a sweet budding romance survive when the time comes for Owen to leave town? Both men must learn to trust each other if their love will conquer the miles between them.

A lot of my reviewer friends are going to disown me, but this was NOT as good as I thought it was going to be. Not nearly as good as the first.

It was too sweet, too perfect. Way too insta-lovey for my taste.

“It’s weird, right? As if there’s a force out there that keeps bringing us together.”

“One thing studying history taught me is when to fight those forces and when to surrender to the inevitable.”

……and this is all before they’re an official couple or have even slept together.

Andrew and Owen had zero angst within their relationship. And while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, they didn’t fight once, they didn’t argue. People, they didn’t even DISAGREE – not once!!! Jesus Christ, Ms. Cates, you gotta give me a little something here.

But the angst, oh boy, there’s a lot of angst. It’s just all external. Everyone else who lives in that damn house is a fucked up mess. Tomas and Marc. River and Morgan. And then there’s Andrew’s whole family. It’s like Cates sucked ALL of the angst from the relationship and just plopped it right the fuck in every other character’s face. It’s called balance – let’s learn to use it next time. It was exhausting!

I will not be reading Marc and Tomas’s story. Why? Because everything in book 2 hinted that Marc is one big pile of martyr. Tomas is good. He deserves a good life. He deserves better than me. I just can’t do the martyr bullshit. River and Morgan – that story I’ll read.

I’m so upset about this! Everyone else loved this one. I don’t know what happened here. But it wasn’t anything good.

Sunshine and Happiness Series

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