The Fray

Title: The Fray
Author: Lourdes Skye
Publisher: Twisted Beauty Presents
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Release Date: October 28th 2015
Genre(s): M/M Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Word Count: 56,034
Reviewed by: Belen
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5


Born in sin and abandoned, the vampire Scythe and his werewolf brother Aric trust no one. Scythe finds dealing with humanity easier than Aric, who becomes bitter and nightmarish. After seven hundred years, Scythe finds himself in Atlanta Georgia and he has discovered his human mate, Kuster Kyndeli. But Aric will have none of it. Chains, vampires, werewolves, feuding brothers, amazing sex, and an ex that just won’t quit all have a part in the scheme of things for Scythe and Kuster, not to mention the male pregnancy.

In any fray, to the victor goes the spoils, and in this case, it’s anyone’s game.

This was ridiculous, over the top, completely crazy…and I like it.

I like it

What you need to know: Over 700 years ago two boys were born two years apart to a known “painted lady”. At around twelve years of age, the older, Aric, could metamorphose into a wolf at will, while the younger, Scythe, is able (when he turns twelve) to transform into a bat-like creature with grey skin and huge leathery wings. Convinced the two boys were born of Satan as punishment for the life she lives, their whore of a mother packs up her belongings and, leaving the boys a little money and a week’s worth of food, vanishes.

Aric is batshit crazy and power hungry and even though Scythe tries to talk some sense into him on several occasions, it doesn’t work and the two part ways. Scythe tries to find others of his kind in order to learn as much about himself as he can. In his travels he ends up spending almost a century as a blood slave to a very old pure-blood vampire named Azreal. He learns an enormous amount about vampires and what powers, etc. they have. Once he’s able to break free of Azreal Scythe finds himself over the next six centuries (or so) amassing wealth, moving often, and always looking over his shoulder for Azrael and Aric.

Scythe eventually finds himself in Atlanta, like you do, and finds his mate. His human mate, Kuster Kyndeli. Kuster gets dumped by an asshole, goes to a club, and meets Scythe. The rest is crazy, over the top ridiculous shenanigans (and there’s MPREG! Times two!) that was really fun to read and get immersed in.

Skye has a way with a turn of phrase, and I genuinely found myself enjoying every bit of this OTT adventure.

Warning for editing snobs: Turn on your blinders before starting or you will lose your minds.


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