Easy Evenings (Renee’s review)

EasyEveningsLGTitle: Easy Evenings (Mangrove Stories #4)
Author: Mary Calmes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: November 18, 2015
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 77
Reviewed by: Renée
Heat Level:  3 flames out of 5
Rating:  3.1 stars out of 5

Lazlo Maguire doesn’t do relationships—he does transactions. Six months of the year, he’s an expensive rent boy in Manhattan, and he moves so fast that settling down could not, would not, ever enter his mind… except for once. Britton Lassiter he meets man to man, not as hustler and mark, and it’s too good to be true when the lawyer wants to keep Lazlo even if he has to share him with the job.

But Lazlo has his reasons to walk away from the man he’s grown to love. The other six months of the year, he is laid-back Laz, a shopkeeper in the sleepy coastal town of Mangrove, Florida, where the artist he never allows himself to be in the Big Apple shines through. He lives for his time by the ocean, the place he hides his secrets and nurses his broken heart.

Then fate intervenes, and Laz gets the surprise of his life when he spies Britton in Mangrove—but it’s not meant to be… not until Britton sees the change in him and wants to be a part of Laz’s new life so that every evening can be easy… together. Hopefully the secrets that tore them apart won’t come back to haunt them.

Oh, Mary. How I adore you. I could read your writing forever and never get bored for a second. But I have to say that Lazlo is one character I could happily bitch slap for you.

Martyr complex much? His mother made him turn tricks at the age of 15 to support her and her drinking and narcotic habits. And then continues to do so to this day. In addition, he continues to pay for her habits along with paying for his sister’s college tuition at Yale. The same sister who wants nothing to do with him because he’s a rent boy.

Lazlo spends 6 months each year in NYC as a high-end rent boy and the other 6 months in Florida creating beautiful art out of metal (and other fancy things that my ignorant mind didn’t entirely process). He meets Britt in NYC, but not as a rent boy. They begin a relationship, fall in love, the works. Britt even knows what he does for a living. He doesn’t know the family background though. But Britt wants Laz to quit (I imagine most people would) so he can be the only one with Laz. Laz says no, they fight and break up. (Psst – it’s secretly cuz Lazlo thinks that would be selfish to cut off his mom and sister from his income. Yeah – go ahead and insert your outrage).

They meet again coincidentally in the Florida town where Britt has relocated to and where Lazlo spends his other 6 months each year. Things have changed for Lazlo’s life. He’s in a completely different place, but Britt wants nothing to do with him. The rest of the story is Britt inadvertently finding out about Lazlo’s past, his family, and his recent life’s events that have so dramatically changed things.

So, yes, everyone knows that you put on Calmes glasses when you begin to read. And the snark between Lazlo and Britt was sizzling!!! But the martyr stuff was just too much. Anyone else had written this? I would’ve been one pissed off girl. Mary gets a pass cuz she’s an amazing writer, but that plotline? Gets a 3 overall.

Mangrove Stories

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