Roman Charsguard Q & A


A Chat with K9/Deputy Roman Charsguard

    1. Is there something you have as a dog that you wish translates to when you are human?

    I miss how people reacted to me when I was a dog. Strangers smiled and approached me with open hearts and love and pets. When you are a human, people are much more wary and they don’t like or trust you right away.

    2. Domesticated dogs do not normally get to choose what they eat. Your diet before being quickened was probably some type of dog chow, the same thing day and day after day. Can you speak to the fact that you now have the ability to choose what you eat and how much you eat? And do you have any personal food preferences?

    I had pretty good chow in the army. Yeah, I had my rations of kibble, but I got a lot of treats when I was training, and James and the other soldiers gave me bits of real food all the time. It was almost more fun getting it on the down low like that! But now that I’m human I love food so much! My favorites are cheeseburgers, bacon, and donuts.

    3. Will you please describe a particularly happy moment you shared with James?

    There were lots! I guess the proudest day was when I graduated from K9 training. There was a ceremony and everything! We got presents like a new badge for James and a big rawhide strip for me. But the best part was how proud and happy James was, and knowing that I had done a good job.

    4. What is your favorite part of being a human?germanshep

    Sex! And cuddling naked. It’s nice to be able to talk, but sometimes that can be confusing too. Hands are amazing!

    5. Now that you have found a human (Matt) to mate with, how do you see your relationship with him progressing?

    I hope we can be together forever. I don’t want anything to change.

Thanks for visiting us today Roman! You are a very good boy. ruffles hair

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