The Deepest Blue (Roadmap to Your Heart, #2)

The Deepest Blue
Title: The Deepest Blue
Series: Roadmap to Your Heart, #2
Author: Christina Lee
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Decempber 4th, 2015
Genre(s): M/M, Best-Friends Sibling Trope, Friends-to-lovers
Page Count: 250 Pages
Reviewed by: JLoves2Read
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Rugged and conventional Callum Montgomery enjoys running Shady Pines hunting preserve, except for the secret that’s eating him alive. When his sister brings a date for a family wedding, he can’t stand the arrogant city slicker with the stick up his perfectly fine ass. He doesn’t understand his draw to Dean, who pushes his buttons at every turn, but he’d never dream of betraying his sibling over some lust fueled fantasy.

Handsome and conscientious Dean Abbott is a research assistant in his university’s biology lab. When his roommate, Cassie, begs him to be her pretend date in front of her meddling family, he begrudgingly agrees to help. He doesn’t anticipate being enchanted by the countryside, the colorful cast of characters, or her sexy and brooding straight brother.

When contempt turns to passion and leads to stolen moments in a sugar cane field, Callum can’t help longing for the kind of connection he believes he can never have. But not even the world’s most heart-melting kiss can bridge the vast philosophical differences between the men.

Dean’s return to his urban lifestyle leaves him restless, his mind continually wandering to the charming setting that spoke to something missing deep inside him. Because you can take the city boy out of the country but you can’t make him forget the intriguing man he left behind.

Clap your Hands to keep the Rattlesnakes away! Yes, that is one of the first things Callum says to Dean when they see each other, and it just gets better from there..

This is my first book by this author and I have to say I was really impressed. I went back to buy the first book in this series because I just love her writing style and overall feel to the books.

In this story we have two MC who are from different walks of life. However, as circumstances bring them together they realize that while they may live in different geographical locations, they have a lot in common and they have some really strong feelings brewing between them.. now they have to decide what they are going to do about it.

Dean is a graduate student and agrees to travel to his roommates, Cassie, hometown for a family wedding. He will be acting as his roommates date at this wedding so she doesn’t have to deal with family pressure of dating a local man so the family can merge business/land. No problem right, I mean what could go wrong with a gay city man pretending to be a date at a family wedding on an active wildlife preserve? In and out and never see them again, right?

Callum, is Cassie’s older brother. He is a country boy and proud of it. He has kept his family afloat by running the family business and upgrading certain areas to keep with the new age. He lives at home, on the wildlife preserve his family owns. He has never had an issue with privacy or doing what he likes. He has always been very private. It isn’t until his sister, Callie, Brings home her date, Dean, for a family wedding that Callum realizes something has to give. He is attracted to Dean. He wants Dean. He is pretty sure Dean wants him. How can that be though, Dean is dating his sister. He can’t act on these feelings anyways, nobody can know he is gay.

As Dean and Callum cat and mouse around each other the sexual tension rises. It is only a matter of time before something has to give but who will be the one who can’t hold off anymore and gives into to these urges?

I loved how Christina Lee set this story up. It is not a new scenario however she really develops these characters and allows them time to get to know each other. It is a good slow burn story with a happily ever after for all.. what more could you want? I also can appreciate the supporting characters in this story and how the author fully develops them as well, they are not simply fillers but real characters who interact and add to the main characters overall plot.

I highly recommend this story.

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