Snowed In

Snowed InTitle: Snowed In
Author: Teodora Kostova
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: November 30, 2015
Genre(s): Holiday Romance
Page Count: 108
Reviewed by: Natalie
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Be careful what you wish for…

Nate has been in love with Quinn, his brother’s best friend, for as long as he can remember. But when he finally gets the chance to show Quinn how he feels, his heart gets broken in the most unexpected way.

Second chances come when you least expect them…

Quinn doesn’t believe in miracles, especially not Christmas ones. When he decides to win Nate back he knows it won’t be easy. The last thing he expects is a health scare, a road trip and a vicious snow storm to work in his favor.

In the end, a cabin in the woods turns out to be not only the shelter they desperately need, but also Quinn’s very own Christmas miracle.

Sometimes, to forgive, you need to get snowed in…

*Stand alone novella, not connected to any series

This was my first read by Ms. Kostova. What hooked me? The cover. What intrigued me? The friends to lovers trope. A guy pines over a secret crush and finally gets his man? YES! I absolutely love these types of stories. I was expecting a crazy amount of sexual tension to reach ridiculous heights. Did I get that in Snowed In? Eh, not really.

I’m not into Christmas reads, but I took a chance on this one hoping for the best. Nate has been in total lust with his brother’s friend Quinn for the longest time. Nate hasn’t seen Quinn in years due to Quinn attending college in another state. After an extended period apart, Nate finally tells Quinn how he feels, it’s mutual and of course, all the sex happens. The first half of the book was great. Part two is where things when downhill for me.

Quinn breaks Nate’s heart and when the reader finally finds out why, you’re stunned. It was unnecessary drama that could’ve been handled quite easily if Quinn just TALKED TO NATE.

Stories such as these drive me batty for the simple fact that a misunderstanding ends up with a couple not speaking for an insane amount of time. With Nate and Quinn, two years pass. TWO YEARS of not speaking.

Quinn leaves Nate to go take care of his roommate who is dying. Really? Admirable for sure but you couldn’t answer texts, calls, or emails, from a guy you supposedly love because you wanted to concentrate on taking care of your dying roommate? Huh? I’d like to think if Quinn had told Nate what was going on; he would’ve understood. Instead, he dropped off the face of the earth without so much as a word and then shows up two years later looking to win Nate back.

Ugh. Unnecessary angst.

There was also a scene that could’ve been cut from the story altogether as it did nothing to move the story forward and came across as filler.

Sad to say, this wasn’t a win for me. It was meh.

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