Steve Grande Christmas Video

Any other Steve Grande fans out there? WWWOOOOO!!! He has a special video posted for his fans for the holidays.

No matter what/why/who/how you are celebrating (or not); no matter who you are with (or not with) I wish you all the Happiest of Holidays! Thank you for all your love and support these last 2.5 years 🙂 – Steve

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Video Director & Editor: John Lavin – – Instagram/Twitter: @MrJohnLavin
The gorgeous guy with the beard/Associate Producer/Creative Assistance: Trevor LaPaglia – Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @OhhhTrev

Last Thursday, I decided it was time I do something holiday oriented for you guys. Two days later, this song was recorded and the video was shot, all thanks to the very talented group of people I pulled together (John, Trevor, and song producer Nicholas)

I really owe a special ‘Thank You’ to both John Lavin (director) and Trevor LaPaglia (the ‘boyfriend’) for both going well above and beyond the call of duty. We shot this in a day with almost no planning on a single day’s notice. I didn’t know when I asked him to do it, but Trevor is a talented director himself, so in addition to doing a beautiful job in front of the camera, he was there as an extra eye on the technical and creative end behind the camera. They both deserve way more than I could afford to pay them (understatement of the year), so they are truly stand-up guys for doing this, in addition to being incredibly creative and skilled.

Song Credits:
Song written by: Mariah Carey and Walter Afansieff
Co-Produced by: Nicholas M. Block and Steve Grand
Mixed and Mastered by: Nicholas M. Block at Illuster Recording & Sound, Los Angeles: – Twitter/Instagram: @NickBlockMusic
Vocal and Piano performance: Steve Grand
All other instruments (strings, bass guitar, drums, sleigh bells, tambourine, etc) performed by: Nick Block

I must thank Nicholas M. Block, for agreeing to produce this track on such short notice during such a hectic weekend for so many people. It was our first time working together, and after this, I sure hope it is not our last!

Song Cover Art by: Jefferson Harman
I also must thank my managers Brian Doyle, and especially Alana Mulford for being such a strong support for a year and half now. I called Alana on Thursday to tell her I was going to do this song and video… on Saturday… in Palm Springs… and that it needed to be out on Monday. I heard the usual long sigh, but when she knew I was serious, she wasted no time helping me get everything in order for the release. Could not have done this (or much of anything this last year and a half) without her and Brian. Thank you so much for dealing with all my shit! 😉 What a journey it has been! 🙂

And last but not least, thank you, Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff, for writing such a perfect, modern, Christmas classic! 🙂

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