Starting Point (Turning Point #3)

Title: Starting Point (Turning Point #3)
Author: N.R. Walker
Publisher: Pride Publications
Release Date: May 22, 2014
Edition: Second Edition
Genre(s): Hurt/Healing/Comfort/Contemporary
Page Count: 471
Reviewed by: Gigi
Heat Level: 5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5+ stars out of 5
A Gay Book Reviews 5+ star read!

After going past the point of no return and finally reaching breaking point, the only thing Matthew Elliott can do now is start over.

Matthew Elliott is a recovering man. As an ex-cop and ex-fighter, his new job teaching kids at the local community gym about drug awareness and self-defense, is a little bit of both. His new focus on helping street kids is helping him heal, and with Kira by his side, he’s making strides.

Brother and sister, Rueben and Claudia, are homeless kids and they’re very much alone. As they strike a chord with Matt, he does everything in his power to help them.

But when Ruby and Claude need more help than he bargained for, it stops being about work, and starts being about home.

The day he met Kira, Matt’s life changed direction, and it’s only now he realises that everything he’s been through was a lead up to this. It was never about endings. His life, his purpose, was just beginning.

Review written by Gigi and posted to GoodReads on April 25, 2014.


[book:Starting Point|18338683] is the last book in the Turning Point series by N.R. Walker. The first book Point of No Return is easily one of the top five M/M romance books I have ever read. I am a huge fan of Matt and Kira and Ms. Walker’s final installment in this series was the perfect ending for our two heroes.

Starting Point picks up right where Breaking Point left off, with Matthew in therapy and Kira slowly learning to trust Matt again after all the secrets and lies that surrounded his last undercover assignment. What sets this book apart from the other two is that it is a very happy, uplifting tale of two men falling in love all over again, rekindling that spark that brought them together in the first place. Matthew is learning all new things about himself and what makes him happy as a person and is taking huge steps to make himself happy so he can be the best possible person for Kira. This is so romantic and so beautiful with just a touch of angst here and there to remind us of the hard road these two have traveled together. Two new young characters, Ruby and Claude Vaughn, are introduced in this book and greatly affect both Matt and Kira’s lives. They bring Matt and Kira, and Kira’s parents Yumi and Sal, together in new and wonderful ways and add new layers to Matt’s already complicated, generous, selfless soul. (They even adopt a dog, which just about killed me with cuteness!)

This is not a stand-alone book. You need to read the first two Turning Point books first. And this isn’t an action-packed, angst-ridden joy ride like the first two either. It was the perfect wrap-up for a wonderful set of characters who have been through some pretty shitty situations but fell in love regardless. I could not have asked for a more perfect ending for these two. And I can’t wait to re-read the entire series now that it is complete.

This book, and the entire Turning Point series is HIGHLY recommended to all M/M romance readers. I actually recommend Breaking Point to people all the time if they ask me for a rec. Now I’ll be able to recommend the entire series as all three books are now on my fuck yeah, 5+ stars shelf.


The Turning Point Series

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