Light from the Dark

Title: Light from the Dark
Author: Mercy Celeste
Publisher: MJC Press
Release Date: March 5, 2015
Genre(s): Contemporary/Hurt/Healing/Comfort
Page Count: 301
Reviewed by: Gigi
Heat Level: 5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

After a year of picking up the pieces of his shattered life, former US Marshal Micah Beasley takes a job as bodyguard for a spoiled rich kid who can’t leave his house. It’s supposed to be a cupcake assignment. He just needs to get back in the game. What could possibly go wrong?

Brilliant and incredibly talented, Christopher (Kit) Auberon wears tragedy as a second skin. Kit is all that’s left of a powerful family. Seemingly forgotten, he’s spent his entire life in seclusion at the family estate, and he likes it that way. He’s free to play his games and create worlds without ever having to set foot in the real one.

Kit’s past is anything but forgotten. When death threats become real threats, Micah and Kit are forced to put their differences aside to discover who wants Kit dead.
But there are monsters in Kit’s closet that should never be disturbed.


Dark subject. Violence. The usual stuff.

I had to let this one settle in my brain overnight before writing a review. I was torn last night about commenting on some parts of the book that bugged the shit out of me and exactly what number of stars to give it.

Sleeping on it didn’t help. I’m still kind of on the fence. So I’ll try to explain why.

First and foremost, my favorite kind of M/M romances are heavy on the romance, lighter on events going on around the couple. 50/50 is a nice mix but I can usually handle 60/40, but more than that, I start to get a little bored and sometimes skim. There are exceptions, of course, if the story is written particularly well and intrigues me. [book:Light from the Dark|25084241]’s main focus was on a man MC Chris “Kit” Auberon whose life was shattered when he was 8 years old. Both of his parents and his beloved nanny were murdered in front of him and he was kidnapped. When he finally escapes, he is left with no memory and no voice. He is tucked away in a huge mansion and labeled agoraphobic because he never leaves his property or his rooms in the mansion. Fast forward to Kit in his mid twenties.

When death threats start coming in against Kit’s life, his uncle hires ex-Marine, ex-US Marshall MC Micah Beasley to protect him. When Micah arrives he quickly learns that there are whole slew of secrets about Kit and his family that he has not been privy to and quickly regrets the assignment. But something about Kit implores him to stay…

So, Micah and Kit, both extremely damaged men, start a emotional and physical relationship that was a delight to read. I don’t want to give anything away, but both men turn out to be passionate, considerate lovers and the sex is white hot. They quickly fall in love which I bought hook, line and sinker.

Now, the mystery surrounding Kit’s disappearance and the murders is the main part of the story. I found it suspenseful and incredibly entertaining and even though I would have preferred more of the Kit/Micah relationship, I was sucked in and couldn’t put this book down. I read the whole thing in one sitting, which is unusual for me. But once the book hit about 80%, the story line absolutely fell apart for me and was merely a distraction, waiting for Kit and Micha’s relationship to be the focus again. While the mystery started out great, lots of great twists and turns, the author took it too far, in my opinion, and messed with it at the end to the point it became comical. New family relations were discovered, parentage came into question and it even

pulled and Luke and Leia and introduced a twin sister!
It took me back to my Knots Landing and Dallas watching days. I found it absolutely ridiculous. And, on top of that nonsense, Micha’s family is introduced in the last 20% and a whole slew of new revolutions about his family comes into play. I admit to laughing-out-loud several times at just how convoluted the whole thing became. It was too much. Too, too much. Very SNL The Californians, which every new revelation.


But the romance was fabulous. Very Mercy Celeste. She did not disappoint there. I loved the boys and really felt their passion. The first 80% of the book was a sure-fire 5 star for me. But the story absolutely fell apart in the last 20% and I was incredibly disappointed and was a 2 star rating.

Fans of high drama and family intrigue are going to absolutely love this one! Start reading now, don’t delay! But if you are pickier about the story lines connected to the romance, you may want to skip this one and read another book by Ms. Celeste. My favorites are the fabulous Out of the Blues, In From the Cold, Let It Go and Need You Now.

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