Spell Weaver by Megan Derr

29890105Title: Spell Weaver
Author: Megan Derr
Buy link: Amazon.com (Second Edition)
Release Date: June 29, 2016
Genre(s): Historical Fantasy/Fairy Tales
Page Length: 14,000 words
Reviewed by: Renée
Heat Level:  3.5 flames out of 5
Rating:   4.2 stars out of 5


Myka’s dream was to someday own his shop, making and spelling suits that were prized throughout the world. Instead, he rejected an apprenticeship with a master who proved to be reprehensible—and touchable—and lost everything. Now, he works in a derelict shop in the wrong part of town, and it’s only a matter of time before he’s caught spelling without a license or thrown out by his odious landlord.

The only bright part of his days are the occasional visits from his best client, Johan, a man who works in the palace and always brings the finest suits to have spelled. When he accidentally leaves behind an invitation to the royal ball, Myka takes it, determined to have one evening where he can enjoy himself—and perhaps even spend time with Johan as something other than a spell weaver.

Short but so steamy and sweet!

This twist to Cinderella was so nice and refreshing! Spell Weaver is a tale about Myka, a spell weaver, who is very down on his luck. His Master whom he was apprenticing for has died just before Myka could take and pass his exams to become as Master himself. The rent is due, and the landlord is raising it or bartering for sexual favors. And Myka’s crush, a returning client, is so far above his social status, he’s in a different stratosphere.

All of that changes when Myka finds a left-behind invitation to the Royal Ball. He weaves a spell on himself that will only last 4 hours, until midnight (hehe), because he just wants to see that side of society and to enjoy fine foods, drinks, and dancing for one evening. He is surprised when Johan, his crush, asks him to dance. Johan can’t recognize him, thanks to the spell Myka weaved, so Myka indulges. Dancing leads to kisses…..and a little more. But midnight comes too soon.

This was adorably cute and sexy. Megan Derr fans and others will like this one.


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