Heart Ripper: Coffin Nails MC (Ele’s Review)

Heart RipperTitle: Heart Ripper: Coffin Nails MC (Sex & Mayhem #9)
Author: K.A. Merikan
Publisher: Acerbi & Villani ltd.
Release Date: June 15th 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Dark romance
Page Count: 319
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.9 stars out of 5

— You always want what you can’t have. —

David. Catholic. Gay. Set on keeping his purity ring.
Raja. Biker. Manwhore. Never refuses a bet.

David has always tried to be the best son his parents could dream of.
Always at church on Sunday.
Always eager to help with the garden.
Always trying his best at school.
Prim, proper, innocent, and kind.
But deep inside of him, there is a yearning planted by the devil himself, and when a cocky, foul-mouthed biker pulls him a step too far, David doesn’t fall into the abyss. He leaps.
Raja is all he’s ever dreamed of, yet didn’t dare voice. Older, dangerous, a wall of muscle with a grip so strong David can’t resist him no matter how hard he tries.

As a freshly appointed president of a motorcycle club on the verge of ruin, Raja has a lot to live up to. Being gay doesn’t do him any favors in terms of commanding the respect of his men. He has his way of compensating though.
Always first in a fight.
Always bragging about his sexual conquests.
Always up for a bet.
Daring, tattooed, sexy, and unapologetic.
After he boasts he can have any man he wants, he gets challenged to hook up with the preppy guy wallflowering at a party. Raja can’t wait to pop the innocent cutie’s cherry. But when he finds out the guy is his friend’s younger brother, life gets a whole lot messier.

Why is the one guy who should be off-limits always the most tempting?

Themes: Outlaw motorcycle club, organized crime, religion, homophobia, bet, good boy meets bad boy, coming out
Genre: M/M romance, suspense
Length: ~100,000 words
WARNING: This book contains steamy sexual content and graphic violence.


“I bet you a bike wash you can’t get a blowjob out of him. He’s got virgin-forever painted all over his face.”

And that’s how the sweetest installment in the Sex & Mayhem series starts. With a bet. Don’t let the title fool you. Heart Ripper is sweet and romantic, but it maintains the authors’ gritty style. There is fluff, but there’s also raw passion and tension.

We only took a glimpse of David in Split but I knew! I knew that the preppy, clean cut young man was going to have a story and it would be spectacular. David is a good boy. On the outside. Because on the inside, he feels all kinds of bad. He tries and tries and tries to keep everyone happy, and be what his family and the church want from him. But he can’t supress who he is anymore. And after his first blowjob encounter with Raja, the purity ring on his finger starts to lose its meaning.


There’s something truly genuine about David’s story, and I absolutely loved how the authors handled it. He came a long, long way in this book. He does a lot of self-searching, he questions things, he’s morphing into his true self. All this without losing his faith, but finding what it really means for him instead. And that journey to self-discovery and self-acceptance was a beautiful thing to watch.

It’s interesting what K.A.Merikan did here. David and Hunter (from Split) are products of the same environment, yet they turned out to be so different. They both became amazing men, but by following so different paths.


Raja is….well he is the big bad wolf here who succesfully proceeds to debauche David. It might have started as a bet, but it ended up being everything. When Raja’s homophobic, racist club, the Rabid Hogs, came to an end, and transformed into a chapter of Coffin Nails MC, Raja becomes the president. Being openly gay and having to make the club that counts only a few members, successful, is a lot. Last thing he needs is the All-American looking twink in his way.

I loved the romance in this book. These two might be completely different, but they really clicked. Raja might claim to be a shallow manwhore, but you can tell that he is a man of integrity in his own way. Plus, he is possessive and protective towards David and I loved it.

And David. David might be young but he loves Raja in a very mature, irrevocable, and desperate way. Raja is it for him, period.

“This man would be the center of his universe now, and everything would be fine. He had the right to make that choice.”

The sex is very dirty here, with an extra dose of dirty talk. David likes to be a little humiliated during sex, and Raja is there to please.

“You are a dirty little boy who will tell me what exactly should go where…”

Yup. That dirty.

There is a swoon worthy scene towards the end, a lot of sexting, and Lucky that messes things up for everyone. Or maybe not?

And fine, someone dies. But don’t worry, he had it coming. Like I said, it is a sweet book, but for Merikan standards. I don’t think that the authors are capable for pure fluff. And that’s a very good thing.

Bottom line, I absolutely loved David and Raja’s story. Highly recommended!

Sex & Mayhem Series

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