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Title: Home
Author: Cara Dee
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: June 1st 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 168
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

For as long as I can remember, I’ve only had one goal: survival. It’s what I know. There is no future beyond making it through another night and getting my hands on as much money as possible, by any means necessary. Pride and dignity are things I can’t afford.

It’s been the worst year yet—and not because I live on the streets. That’s nothing compared to being separated from my little girl. But I do what I can, and I send any money I make for her care. I can only hope she remembers me. I’m past desperate, needing her to know how much I love her and that I’ve done everything in my power to make it back to her.

The day I stepped off the bus in Seattle, I saw him. Adrian appeared at a time I most needed a helping hand, and his habit of rescuing strays became my salvation. He gave me hope. He taught me to dream about something I’d never dared to wish for.

A home.

First things first, don’t forget to visit the author’s blog to check out the amazing world she built and named it Camassia Cove. It’s a town that will be the home of her new series and, honestly, the world building here wowed me. There are images, background info about each district, and even a map!.

Home is a story set in the district of Camas, and it’s told from Dominic’s POV.

There’s something so approachable to Cara Dee’s writing. She writes the way people talk. So, the start of this book might be gritty and dark, but it still reads easily. Dominic is selling sex for money. He’s been doing it for a year, and now he’s saved enough money to go to Camas and take his daughter back, who is currently staying with his aunt. But even when he gets there, things aren’t much better.


But there is a way out, and his name is Adrian. Adrian is a high school teacher. He’s the perfect combo of geeky and hot. Blazers, glasses and short beard on the outside, tattoos and wife-beaters under his clothes. I approve. But what I loved the most was how loyal and dedicated he was to the community and the Quad, Camas’ youth center. At first, I thought he was a little too much, or too pushy, but no….Adrian was a good man.

There is a delicate balance between them, at first. Dominic is always on defense mode. Everything can pose a threat, and everything can be used as a weapon. Nobody helps you out without expecting something in return. Adrian, on the other hand, is a fixer. He wants to take care of everything. He wants to take care of Dominic. And lets not forget that there’s a three year old that requires special attention.

There is sex, and it’s super hot and emotional. For Dominic, sex was not sexual or intimate (which broke my heart a little). Not until he felt attracted to Adrian for the first time. But don’t worry; there’s no magic dick involved! For me, though, this was all about the kisses. Dominic really liked to kiss!

“I moaned as he drove deep into me, and it dawned on me that he wasn’t just my first kiss. He was my first everything. That was why shit was so different. They weren’t related, what I’d done before and. this.”


The epilogue is unusual, because it’s told from another person’s POV. But I loved it, because it somehow told Adrian and Dominic’s HEA from another perspective.

There is the sweetest first date, a hilarious flight scene, and a three year old who likes to fill in tattoos with her markers.

Dominic’s journey to happiness was a beautiful thing to watch. Not only did he find his home in Adrian, but he also found his calling and a family in Camas.

Highly recommended!

Camassia Cove Series

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