Ignite (Dragon’s Destiny: Fated Mates, #3)

Title: Ignite (Dragon’s Destiny: Fated Mates, #3)
Author: Wolf Specter and Angel Knots
Publisher: Wolf Specter
Release Date: January 26th 2016
Genre(s): M/M Paranormal Erotic Romance
Page Count: 195 pages
Reviewed by: Belen
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5
An M/M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance

Ben wants a baby, and for five hundred years, he’s been searching for the one man who can give him that: his fated mate.

Dragon shifters have split souls, and when they find their other half, they bond for life. They also have the ability to impregnate the human men they mate with, and even though Ben knows that fate can’t be rushed, watching his two best friends, Maks and Dane, settle down with their own mates has him feeling restless… and impatient to finally find the man he’s waited a lifetime for.

When dragon shifters from Europe attack his friends, Ben jumps at the opportunity to move overseas to help contain the threat. And he can’t help wondering if he’ll finally find what he’s been looking for while he’s there. He does… but it turns out that his mate isn’t at all what he expected.

Zander is a loong, a wingless Chinese dragon and the child of fated mates himself. He’s young for a dragon, and idealistically determined to change the legacy of dragonkind. He’s convinced that it’s his duty to use his dragon’s power to right the wrongs against humanity that his kind have been responsible for.

Zander is passionate about bringing social change to the people he calls his own, and regardless of fate’s intentions, he’s not at all sure he’s ready to be tied down to a mate and child. When his territory and everything he’s worked for is threatened, Zander will be faced with losing everything… and finally deciding what matters most.

Book 3 in the Fated Mates series. Although it’s not necessary to read this series in order, Ignite contains “spoilers” for the first two books in the series and I would highly recommend reading Heat and Scorch first.

Ben has been hoping to find his fated mate for over five hundred years.

Due directly to events that happened in Scorch Ben decides to go to Europe to keep a closer eye on his friend Maksim’s brother and sire because of their attempts to take Maks and Devin’s offspring. He’s offered a place to stay with an old friend of his father’s, Marquis, a fire dragon and his fated mate, Lin, a wingless Chinese loong dragon.

My Danish father had been visiting Marquis’s territory when Anik, my ata, had gone there five hundred years ago, and even though there was no reason to think that history would repeat itself, I couldn’t fully silence the hopeful voice inside me that wondered if following in his footsteps would hurry fate along for me, too. I knew that it was so unlikely as to be laughable, and holding onto that hope ran the risk of turning me bitter.
My otherself didn’t share my reservations, though.

Shortly after he arrives he finds his fated mate, Zander, the son of Marquis and Lin, and a dragon himself. Zander is over half a century old, but that’s quite young by dragon standards, and though he wants a fated mate, he doesn’t really want one right now. He’s only had his territory in Germany for about thirty years and he’s still trying to right the wrongs the dragon who held the territory before him made. He doesn’t feel like he’s ready for a mate, but his dragon gives him no choice but to claim Ben.

I thought Ignite was far more angsty than either Heat or Scorch. It also has a lot more loss and pain involved in it. I’ll admit I got a little teary-eyed at one point. Look no further if what you want is a shifter story that packs a punch to the gut with some nice sexy times and some sweet emotions to make it all good.

Ignite: Fated Mates has a HEA ending and NO CLIFFHANGERS!

Dragon’s Destiny: Fated Mates

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